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The case of Save the Children in Somalia (2005-2010) - Dissertation Example

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Introduction Somalia- profile Somalia in the last two decades have suffered with problems such as poverty, epidemics, educational problems, and unemployment which has led to a serious decline in the health sector along with the overall welfare of its population…
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The case of Save the Children in Somalia (2005-2010)
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Extract of sample "The case of Save the Children in Somalia (2005-2010)"

Download file to see previous pages The civil war and other conflicts have made an impact to health status of 8.7 million people of Somalia. In the year 2008, nearly eight hundred thousand people due to internal and external clan conflicts have suffered in shape of either loss of life, relocation due to fresh waves in different parts, social services disintegration, infrastructure damage or loss, and basic health disintegration. A mass number of Somalis have been the victim of insecurity in respect of continuous food supply and water along with infectious diseases. Healthcare in Somalia is unbalanced, especially for people residing in camps, living in rural areas or are displaced. The distribution of services in healthcare is not disciplined or unorganized such as human and finances especially for vulnerable populace which are residing in far flung areas. Political outlook Somalia, as per its present setup, is divided among four zones, which has eighteen regions and eighty six districts. Areas which are lying within the central and south zones still face problems with insecurity and instability where as Somaliland which is self governing has made some progress and recovering from decades long of misery by improving economy, development in political areas and providing stability. Socio-Economic Somalia remains economically weak. It lays within the world’s five most poorest state by the UNDP. Its agricultural sector is the most important sector and its live stock equals to the forty percent of its GDP. Its GNP per capita stands between the bracket of 176 dollars and 220 dollars per year. Somalia is a country which is semi-dry (Carter Center, 1996). How are NGOs helping situations in countries like Somalia? NGOs are actively participating in solving Somalia conflicts. Be it any organization UNICEF, UNHCR, SIDA, UNICEF or any other organization working for humanitarianism (Carter Center, 1996). While NGOs cannot solve all the problems associated with humanitarian crises, the new environment in which these organizations operate suggests the following four fundamental roles: early warning functions, human rights monitoring, relief and rehabilitation, and conflict resolution activities. Yet it may be detrimental for NGOs to assume these positions all together. Of these four roles, the early warning and conflict resolution functions typically engender the most debate, not only because of their relative newness in the repertoire of NGO capabilities, but also because both of these roles subsume many other increasingly important—and, some would argue, controversial—tasks NGOs must consider in carrying out their primary missions during complex emergencies. Some in the NGO community argue that NGOs should use their early warning vantage point to advocate specific policies to their respective governments aimed at stemming brewing conflicts. Yet the fact remains: Governments must find the political will and leadership necessary to translate early warning into effective interventions (Aall, n.d). Humanitarian Aid and Regional dimension of crisis in Somalia The graph of need had not declined in Somalia within the first half of the year 2010, but some variations in the context of operations have influenced a shift within the humanitarian strategy. This shift is because of three reasons. 1. The need of access to decline is the foremost factor 2. Overall reduction in funding 3. Environment in which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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