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Jehovah's Witnesses - Research Paper Example

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Name: Institution: Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses is a religious denomination that has its beliefs, which are far, distinct from mainstream Christianity. The denominational group was formed in the late 1870’s by a man known as Charles Taze Russell…
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Jehovahs Witnesses
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the principles that the group advocate for is the rejection of Trinitarianism. This is the belief in God being the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. They believe that God is one. They also do not believe in everlasting life or hellfire that will burn sinners. They believe that the Bible is their final authority of their beliefs and that the religion’s leadership is said to be, not from men but Jehovah. They do not believe in mixing with other religions since they believe their doctrine is superior and consider secular society to be morally corrupt. This is while indulging in all the satanic influences that govern them (Holden, 2006). The group’s beliefs concerning life and death are also very clear according to some of their beliefs in the scriptures. They believe that death is a state of non existence, devoid of consciousness or feeling. Their belief in the soul, unlike other Christian denominations, is that the soul is considered to be a life on its own. It has the ability to pass on. In the event that everyone dies, they believe that the exact number of those that will enter the Kingdom of Heaven is 144,000. These will get to rule beside Jesus as priests and kings over earth. The remaining people will enjoy earthly paradise forever. They believe that only their teachings meet the scriptural requirements for surviving the final judgment (Berkeley, 2008). The denominational group does not believe in any form of celebration of ceremony. They do not celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays or any other holiday and customs that they consider to have non-Christian origins. The only festival they might celebrate is the memorial honoring Christ’s death. This marks the only occasion where the Jehovah Witness receives the Holy Communion. The group does not believe in blood transfusions. It also thinks that any food containing blood or any blood products should not be partaken of. In maintaining or improving their health, believers of the denomination do not indulge in earthly pleasures, for example, drunkenness or smoking. Drinking in moderation is permitted. The members of this group are not against the idea of seeking professional advice when faced with a medical complication. This is as long as there is no involvement of blood in the procedure. They adhere to a strict diet to ensure that their immune systems are not affected or infected by diseases (Holden, 2006). Members in such a group could make an individual’s decision about their health in any certain way. In the case where a member is faced with a life threatening situation that may require organ transplant, then they would decide against it since the Organization does not believe in organ transplant. This could mean that any procedure that involves the removal of blood from an individual in this group for any use means that the blood cannot enter back into their body. They can, however, choose to receive blood plasma but in small quantities and at their discretion. The Organization has put up hospital liaisons as an arrangement between members and medical facilities. This way, the members could get the medical attention they might need (Beckford, 2005). The membership of this group means that an individual should follow the doctrines of the group and the teachings. This is in preparation for Armageddon. The decisions that are made by members of this group sometimes are seen as radical and have received worldwide criticism over the years. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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