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Keep Our Water Clean 16 / 10 / 2011 Keep Our Water Clean: Introduction: We are “children of a culture born in a water-rich environment” and take this most valuable asset for granted. Since it has always been available to us we have never learnt to value or “respect it” (William Ashworth, 1982)…
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Keep Our Water Clean
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Download file to see previous pages Not only the life on our planet is mainly reliant on water’s availability but most of other commodities are also co-related with it. Our daily life’s every chore is dependent on water, such as cleaning, washing, sanitation, irrigation as well as supporting industries like fishing, transport etc. But most importantly, it is used for drinking as 60% of human body has water. Lack of water in human body can cause dehydration, irritability, weakness, and fatigue as well as reduces the biological processes of cells resulting in symptoms that are very much like a disease. While “chronic dehydration” can lead to death (Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, 2004). Although the majority surface area of earth is covered by water, yet the drinking water is only around 1 % (Siaobhan Darrows). The rest of it is either too salty to be used or is in the form of glacier. With the increasing population and alarming deficiency of drinking water, water contamination is becoming a great source of concern for every individual. According to the World Health Organization, 1.8 million people die every year from diarrheal diseases. Globally it is the leading cause of illness and death. 88% of diarrheal diseases are attributed to unsafe drinking water along with inadequate sanitation and hygiene (Nath KJ, SF Bloomfield, MV Jones, 2006).Water is being contaminated on every level i.e. from individual, community to industrial level. We are so careless in our attitude towards this precious asset, use it with no second thought and unconcerned about the consequences (Marq de Villiers, 2001).Water contamination is caused by mixing of impurities or wastes, may it be chemical or biological. Water contamination is defined as:- “Impairment of water quality to a degree which reduces the usability of the water for ordinary purposes, or which creates a hazard to public health through poisoning or spread of disease” (Ecology Dictionary). Causes of Water Contamination: Although water is being contaminated ever since human civilization has began to grow, but it has been a slow process. As we began to make progress in our attitudes and started to achieve more in less time, the situation began to deteriorate. We ourselves are the source of contaminating the water. Although, we are fully aware of water’s importance in our daily life yet we still disregard it by contributing intentionally or un-intentionally in polluting it. By doing so, we are only making our household water hazardous for even ourselves. Water pollution can be avoided only if its reasons are analyzed. Lead, nitrates, microorganisms, pesticides, chemicals, industrial wastes are the most common water contaminators (Mark D. Uehling, 1996). The common reasons of water contamination are air pollution that is caused by vehicles or any combustion process, wastes discharged by the chemical factories, fertilizers used for agriculture, human wastes, physical impurities like junk materials/ wastes, improper use of household items. The used water, especially household water that mixes with groundwater causes many problems relating to health, as this used water contains number of chemicals from different household products, such as cleaners, polishes, paints and cosmetics etc. This mixing of used / sewage water is caused due to non-functioning or malfunctioning of used water treatment plants. One of the reasons of water contamination is the use of insecticides in crops. These insecticides are absorbed by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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