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Importance of Ice in Developing Coastal Communities - Article Example

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For a long time, people from the developing coastal communities have been deprived of a consumable grade ice product that could effortlessly be used for cooling beverages and maintaining edibles at safe temperatures. Ice is widely used in hospitals as a preservative for medicine…
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Importance of Ice in Developing Coastal Communities
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Extract of sample "Importance of Ice in Developing Coastal Communities"

Download file to see previous pages For an ice business to be set up, the company should understand first the area whether it is sometimes affected by the disaster and the magnitude of the disaster. If such areas are prone to be affected by disaster, the company should store the product in excess so that when the disaster strikes, they will have enough products to satisfy the extra demand. In a disaster, approximately 10 lb of ice is required per person. Which means if 5, 000n people are affected by a hurricane it means 50,000 lb of ice is required. For product preservation such as pharmaceutical or fish preservatives, 30 lbs of ice per cubic meter is required. This constant demand will keep the demand at a stable rate. To reach the customers, the company should promote the product through advertising the product in through the media such as newspapers, ads, fliers in remote areas, and TV commercials. The company should also offer discounts to products sold at recreation facilities and promoting it at introductory price.
Ice preserved medicines are pharmaceutical products such as vaccines and temperature sensitive clinical trial medicines that should be stored in places between 20C and 80C ensure their quality is not compromised. Products manufactured from plasma and red blood cell components detached from whole blood for transfusion also require extra care during storage to prevent them from spoiling as a result of high temperature. For quality of medical products to be maintained, all medicine needs to be stored and handled with guidelines from the manufacturer.
The World Health Organization advocates for special storage conditions such as the need for ice preservation to ensure correct storage for refrigerated medicines. Manufacturers must be directed by good manufacturing practice in their production, storage and transportation and it is vital that medical facilities within the developing world handle temperature sensitive medicines as required to provide a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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