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The present paper will analyze a particular way to analyze a situation and handle it properly - pillow method. The writer talks about a description of the method and reveals some of his own practice examples which consider different situation scenarios…
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Pillow Method Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages I had an opportunity to practice pillow method analysis in the conflict with my elder sister. She is going to get married and does not want to have a big wedding. I have another point of view. From my perspective, wedding is the most important event in human life and one should celebrate it with many guests to remember during the whole life. I understand that it is my sister’s wedding and it is up to her to decide what to do during this day. However, I do not want her to make a fatal mistake and regret the whole life. I have made up my mind to find out the best decision with the help of pillow method. It gave me an opportunity to understand my own sister better and look at the issue from both sides. The results are the following.
I am sure that I am right and my sister is wrong, because she is going to get married only once. It means that this event is very important and it is necessary to prepare something special for this day. Only in this case the would-be family will remember their wedding forever. Moreover, we have a lot of relatives. All of them want to be present at the wedding party. It seems to be impossible to satisfy all them without a big wedding. Moreover, there will be no financial problems as our parents are ready to suggest assistance. It seems to me that my sister thinks only about herself and her would-be husband. She must be thankful to all relatives for their love and attention to her. This is a good opportunity to accept their offer.
to make a big wedding party and demonstrate that she loves all her family. So, a small wedding is nonsense in this situation. B) YOU ARE RIGHT, I AM WRONG My sister is right and I am wrong. It is up to her to decide what wedding to have. She and her would-be husband have the right to have some intimacy during this special day. If they do not want a lot of guests and financial expenses, it is possible to organize a small party. Of course, all our relatives may feel offended, but the couple may meet with all them a bit later. Moreover, wedding organization costs much money and this will make a new family to postpone the purchase of a new flat. That is why it is really better to economize money and use them for the needs of a would-be family. It is a mistake to rely on parents in this situation, because my sister and her beloved are already adults and should learn how to take responsibility themselves, without parental assistance. It is also necessary to stress that it is impossible to satisfy everybody, every relevant. Someone will stay offended. That is why it is really better to organize the wedding the way my sister plans. C) BOTH RIGHT, BOTH WRONG Both my sister and I are right and wrong at the same time. Both of us want to make a wedding party to become memorable for everybody. Both of us want ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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