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This study discusses an open surgical biopsy in aid of location of a nonpalpable lesion. The study analyses similarities and differences between needle biopsy and open surgical biopsy. The study considers accuracy, frequency of treatment, the position of the treatment, risk of complications…
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The process entails the attempt by the surgeon to remove the entire lesion if the lesion is extremely small. After removal, the incision is enclosed with sutures. While it might be considered accurate and safe, it is a surgical procedure like any other surgery, places the patient at risk of experiencing morbidities or in other cases mortality (Bruenin & Schoelles, 2009). The process entails the attempt by the surgeon to remove the entire lesion if the lesion is extremely small. After removal, the incision is enclosed with sutures. While it might be considered accurate and safe, it is a surgical procedure like any other surgery, places the patient at risk of experiencing morbidities or in other cases mortality (Bruenin & Schoelles, 2009).On the other hand, the process of removal of small samples of breast tissue through the insertion of the skin by use of a hollow core needle is known as a core needle biopsy.  The suspicious lesion is located by either imaging or palpation. The process is performed under local anesthesia. Multiple samples from the suspected area are taken for tests. The primary goal is to determine whether an abnormality is malignant or benign. If the procedure suggests the lesion is malignant, then a follow-on surgical procedure is done (Bruenin & Schoelles, 2009). The comparison is shown in the chart below.

Accuracy. Open surgical biopsies are more accurate while core –needle biopsies are associated with lower incidences of morbidity and harms. Women who are diagnosed with cancer by open biopsy undergo more treatment than those diagnosed by core-needle biopsy.Frequency of treatment (surgeries). Women diagnosed with breast cancer via open surgical biopsy often required multiple (surgeries) surgical procedures to treat cancer while those diagnosed through core-needle biopsy would have cancer treated by a single surgical procedure.
Position of treatment. The incidences of vasovagal reactions increased when performing biopsies with patients seated upright.
Risk of complications. Open surgical procedures have a high risk of complications than core needle biopsies. Automated gun core-needle biopsies procedures are associated with slightly less severe bleeding events than those by vacuum-assisted procedures.
Recovery time From the study, it takes 1.5 days for stereo tactically-guided automated gun core –needle and 3.5 days for open biopsy procedures. Stereotactically guided vacuum-assisted core biopsies have 99.2% sensitivity and stereotactically guided automated gun core assisted core biopsies Complications Severe complications on the use of core-needle biopsy are remarkably rare. Vacuum procedures are associated with slightly more severe bleeding events as compared to automated gun-core needle biopsies.

 Core –needle biopsy is cheaper and consumes fewer resources than open surgical biopsy hence is preferred mostly by patients. Women were also satisfied with core-needle cosmetic results procedures. In both groups, when women undergo the biopsy procedures and lead to positive findings, they often choose to undergo additional surgical procedures or undergo a single procedure that will ensure the removal of the entire lesion. On the other hand, women avoided surgical procedures if they experienced negative findings. The pain was also common in all the procedures. The biopsy procedures were terminated if the patients experience severe pain. In both methods, there is the use of pain medications. 100% of the patients under study were sent home with narcotics after the biopsy procedure has been done (Wolf, 2008). Infections were also reported in both procedures though exceedingly minimal. Read More
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Analysis of Biopsy Methods Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 634 Words.
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