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Parental Involvment & Success of Youths in Canada - Essay Example

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In countries where parental involvement is more, youths struggle to shape their lives in an independent manner. This paper analyses the lack of parental involvement in the lives of Canadian youth and concludes that the single most detrimental factor to the success of the youth culture in Canada is attributed to lack of parental involvement in youth matters. …
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Parental Involvment & Success of Youths in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages kids who’s parents are doing well by the sweat of their brow, who are working in factories and construction, but are doing well and they came here to do better for their kids… they feel a sense of obligation to their parents. There is an expectation…they came here to have a better life (Pathways to success, 2006, p.16). The above findings show that the hardworking nature of the parents influenced the youths very much rather than the parental control or involvement in their activities. It is an accepted fact that majority of the Canadian parents are working professionals and they are dedicated more to their profession. Their hard work helped them to achieve a better socioeconomic standard in their Canadian social life. Because of the over emphasize given to profession, Canadian parents failed to give enough attention to the needs of their children irrespective whether they are adult or young. Even though most of the sociological and psychological theories stress the importance of parental control or involvement for the proper development of young generation, Canada seems to be a country which proved those theories wrong. Canadian youths learned many inspiring lessons from the lives of their parents even though they failed to extend adequate care to their children. The crime rates in Canada is comparatively low among adult population even though Canadian parents show less importance towards their involvement in youth matters. “Although the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) contains more references to parents than did previous youth justice legislation, it contains little discussion of the principles underlying parental involvement”(Bala et al, 2009). In other words, even the government thinks that the role of parents is less in controlling youth crimes. In...
This report approves that lack of parental control is cited as the major reasons for the youth problems in many countries, especially in western countries. Since western countries are highly developed and most of the parents in these countries are working professionals, they are not getting enough opportunities to spend time with their Canadian youths become more successful than youths in other countries only because of the lack of parental control they enjoyed in the past. In other words, the lack of parental involvement in the lives of Canadian youth is the single most detrimental factor to the success of the youth culture. Majority of the Canadian parents are working professionals and they are dedicated more to their profession.
This essay makes a conclusion that lack of parental involvement helped Canadian youths in developing a successful youth culture. Canadian youths never tried to misuse their freedom and they used it for constructive purposes. The dependency of Canadian youths over their parents is considerably less and because of that they are able to take sound decisions much early in their lives. In societies where youths have increased dependence over their parents, freedom or choice is limited for them. Saudi Arabia is a best example for which underdevelopment of youth culture is taking place because of the over involvement of parents in youth matters. On the other hand in Canada, youth culture seems to be developing in the right direction because of the lack of parental involvement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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