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Stage an In-depth Critique of the Politics of Fear and Terror - Essay Example

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Introduction The war on terror is one that is being fought on many different fronts on behalf of many different countries. The United States has framed its war in Iraq as being part of the war on terror, despite the fact that Iraq was not involved in 9/11…
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Stage an In-depth Critique of the Politics of Fear and Terror
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Download file to see previous pages To these speakers and authors, the war on terror is rather convenient, as it has given the white majority an excuse to vanquish the non-white minorities, in this case, Arabs. The war on terror somehow legitimizes detaining dark, swarthy individuals, as well as profiling and marginalizing them. It legitimizes invading countries with important resources, such as oil-rich Iraq. It also legitimizes an “us verses them” mentality, which permeates modern society. It gives white society a rallying point and a reason to be prejudiced and discriminate. It just one vestige, according to these lecturers and writers, of the white sovereignty, and provides a convenient platform for the same. Discussion One of the people who has written and spoken on the war on terror is Joseph Pugliese. Pugliese is relentlessly critical of the war on terror, seeing the war on terror as a kind of subterfuge for powerful countries to run roughshod over weaker countries who have critical energy resources which are needed by the stronger country. In this way, according to Pugliese, the United States is able to invade Iraq, which is oil-rich, therefore central to the United States strategy in securing oil, by using the pretense of 9/11 (Pugliese, 2011). When one considers that Al Qaeda attacked the United States on 9/11, not Iraq, yet Iraq was the country invaded, not Afghanistan (who actually was the proper country to invade, as it was the country where Osama bin Laden was hiding), Pugliese’s theory makes a bit of sense. Actually, it is somewhat incorrect to state that Iraq was the country invaded instead of Afghanistan, as Afghanistan was invaded as well, but it was pretty common knowledge that Iraq became the central conflict in the U.S. led war, and Afghanistan was only peripheral. Pugliese would state that the reason why the United State chose Iraq as its central focus is because the United States had more of an interest in vanquishing Iraq, as Iraq is the country with more oil. Pugliese also sees terror as being a convenient platform from which a government can institute draconian domestic measures that would otherwise not be acceptable to the citizenry. For instance, Pugliese cites the Australian Anti-Terrorism Act 2005 as an example of this type of measure (Pugliese, 2011). Other measures are those instituted by the United States under the tutelage of Tom Ridge (Pugliese, 2011). These measures encourage racial profiling, according to Pugliese, as being of Middle-Eastern appearance is equated with being a terrorist. This leads to entire populations of people being disenfranchised (Pugliese, 2011). Further, Pugliese sees the war on terror as providing a convenient excuse for a super-power, who has a white majority, to vanquish a country whose majority is non-white and has been the subject of imperialism. This is what Pugliese means by the term “white mantel of internal peace” - the countries which vanquish are white countries which are subjugating countries who are made up of non-white “others.” Pugliese states that these countries, such as Iraq, are only attempting to resist the imperialism of the white countries, or is “intransigently refus[ing] to comply with the unilateral violence of the imperialism of the [white country]” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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