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Public Concerns about Corporate Power - Coursework Example

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The paper explores corporate culture adopted by the companies and organizations particularly the multinational ones. It has also wide opened new horizons of knowledge and wisdom regarding the dominant role played by these corporations in strengthening the national economies of their countries…
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Public Concerns about Corporate Power
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Extract of sample "Public Concerns about Corporate Power"

Download file to see previous pages It has aptly been observed that large corporate firms, organizations and even professionals have obtained imperative influence upon the minds and choices of the masses in general because of the wide-ranged consumption of the products or services or both they are manufacturing or rendering for public usage. Consequently, these organizations and individuals are in a position to change their policies and strategies on the one hand and raise the prices of their products and fees against their services on the other. Additionally, the companies may also decrease the quality of their products, and the consumers are bound to purchase the sub-standard products against the same price. Thus, the public maintains grave reservations regarding the exercise of undue economic and political power on the one hand, and applying the condemnable strategic schemes including unfair downsizing of employees and unjust rise of rates of the commodities on the other. (Hodson & Sullivan 2007:356) The government should take necessary measures for the eradication of monopoly of the organizations for the best interest of the public. Employee Commitment: Companies and firms time and again introduce various welfare policies for the benefit of the employees mostly on the demand made by the employees, against which they look for their commitment and dedication to the organization. However, since the interests of employers and employees are contradictory in nature, their relationships are seldom on smooth roads. The employers require exercising of best of energies and capabilities to obtain maximum output, and the employees look for maximum privileges and benefits against the minimum work hours. As a result, both employers and employees seldom remain committed to one another. The employers kick out the employees in the name of downsizing, policy change, and others, while the employees remain engaged in better job perspectives. In such a precarious state of affairs, the commitment to workplace and organization remains a dream for the employers at large. Employees improve their competitive advantage by polishing their skills and seeking command over their field of interest.
The Role of Multinational Corporations: Multinational corporations have played a formidable role in the growth of business and trade all over the world. Since multinational corporations are risk-takers and gather the courage to make an investment of time, money and resources for manufacturing various high-quality products not only for the customers belonging to their indigenous population but also for the use of the foreigner consumers without hesitating the consequences of the failure of their products. Hence, they not only render valuable services to global consumers but also offer multiple high-quality commodities against economical rates and discounted prices. Additionally, they also adopt a dumping strategy for overseas consumers in order to introduce their innovative ideas and items at the global level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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