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Effects of Gender on Effective Corporate Leadership - Research Paper Example

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The study has not established that the differences in leadership traits between men and women reflect on the situational differences of the organizations. The organizations managements should reexamine the potential of expanding business operations by including women in the senior position…
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Effects of Gender on Effective Corporate Leadership
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Extract of sample "Effects of Gender on Effective Corporate Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that Leadership is a process of collective influence whereby one person solicits the aid and support of followers and from other leaders to get organization’s goals accomplished. Effective leadership requires closer interaction between the leader and a follower, in a way, that they can easily influence the course of action of their followers to achieve a particular goal. Various studies advocate effective leadership as characterized by intrinsic values and traits possessed by certain groups of people and their efficiency of application in the business environment to achieve desired goals or to solve organization crisis. Leaders are known to use different strategies and leadership styles of management and, of course, the outcome of their practices differ across the organizations.
This study will be focusing on the main differences between male from female their leadership styles by examining leadership traits for effective leadership. The study is based on the assumption that women are more likely to interact freely with their followers and influence their course of action while male impose their ideologies on their followers establishing autocratic leadership in the organizations. Effective leadership is determined by other underlying factors apart from personal leadership attributes. The document will focus on female competence leadership traits and an assessing of factors limiting effective leadership among the women. 

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“Effects of Gender on Effective Corporate Leadership Research Paper”, n.d.
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