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Globalization & Development, Comment on Capitalist Society - Essay Example

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Topic: Part: A (Globalization and Development) Part: B (A critical commentary on a given paragragh (related to capitalist society) Name & Section Number of Course: Instructor Name: Date: Part A) In order to deeply conceive and comprehend the reasons as well as whole process of globalization in the Western Society, it would be first a good idea to focus on theory of Marx on laws of nature and history: Thus history of human kind consists in an eternal, non stopping procedure of fight between social classes…
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Globalization & Development, Comment on Capitalist Society
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"Globalization & Development, Comment on Capitalist Society"

Download file to see previous pages Thus according to Marx, it’s the labor class, that is ‘’moving’’ history forward, fighting against upper class for better life, in financial terms. (Marx K., 1948) So, in order to understand globalization, we should deeply understand in what laws of nature and history consist, thus Marx is focusing on the basic scheme of history movement : ‘’Theses-Antithesis-Synthesis’’. ( Engels F., 1940) Each thing included his opposite upon being created, and then we have synthesis, thus, this last ones, consists, in both the previous first thesis, including something new which is thesis overall So, the two poles, for history movement and evolution, are thesis and synthesis, having antithesis as main axe. Globalization nowadays, is of course a result of historical movement and evolution throughout millennia, and centuries, but also has to do with other factors: Development of technology, progress in science, as well as other discoveries and inventions, means of transportation and wars, have been changing the map of the world, in political, social and financial terms overall, mainly in Western Society. ‘’Is globalization good or bad? (Crane D., 2002), We say this because, these radical changing have been taking place basically in modern Western countries, that apply modern ways of production, and have power and domination on other more poor countries by disposing financial resources and means. Also, financing of science and technology, have transformed the world to an “universal market”, marking the end ‘of man’s history and history of human kind, according to Francis Fucuyama, (Fukoyama F., 1992) Wars have also played a crucial role to this over the last decades, by the super power countries like USA. Results of wars are catastrophic unfortunately, and change terms and conditions particularly in the financial field, but also in the social and political field. Thus, there are many immigrants, seeking for political asylum and work in other countries, and this has changed almost totally, the global chart in the field of Law. What is dominating is industry, nowadays, also industry of knowledge and society of information, due many means recently invented such as internet. Then it is said, that globalization will signalize the end of history by transforming the world to a universal, global market with no more ideology produced. Then the main focus is that in the past, history was basically going forward due ideologies produces that made laws of history move, as well as contributed to evolution. But since all ideologies seem, to have been defeated by the dominating system of capitalism, then, there are no more models produced nowadays, or models of great leaders like in the past. We should add this: That globalization is a feature of Western societies, as said above, but also smaller countries are being adapted little by little to this new world, as they do need bigger and stronger countries, for financial aid etc. Then what we observe is an interchange of culture between nations, Thus exchange of cultural ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Globalization & Development, Comment on Capitalist Society Essay)
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