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Is a student from an affluent home more likely to take a gap year versus a student from a low income home - Research Proposal Example

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Topic: Is a student from an affluent home more likely to take a gap year versus a student from a low income home? 1. Introduction The time of transition from high school to college is of great importance in the life of a student. The decision of the professional career and the entire future depends upon this particular decision…
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Is a student from an affluent home more likely to take a gap year versus a student from a low income home
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Extract of sample "Is a student from an affluent home more likely to take a gap year versus a student from a low income home"

Download file to see previous pages Earlier, this tendency was more in poor students than the affluent ones as they had financial issues to be tended. But with the passage of time, there has occurred other factors which are causing students from well-off backgrounds to delay one year or two in the joining of college (Withers, 2009). The researcher has also noticed this tendency in his school and college fellows and other peers, and he is getting really anxious to know the causes of such an inclination. For this purpose, he has taken this research endeavor to find out if he is correct in his observation, and if yes, then what factors are triggering such actions. 1.1. RESEARCH Hypothesis To begin this research, the researcher has made a hypothesis that: ‘A student from an affluent home is more likely to take a gap year versus a student from a low income home’. 1.2. RESEARCH QUESTION In testing this hypothesis, the researcher is going to consider the following research questions: 1. What factors encourage the students to delay the joining of college after graduation from high school? 2. Is this delaying tendency more common in affluent students? 3. What other socio-economic issues may be regarded as important in this respect? 4. What effects does this tendency have on the future of these students? 5. Can this issue be resolved through counseling? 1.3. RESEARCH AIMS AND OBJECTIVES In pursuing the above mentioned research questions, the researcher is going to fulfill the following objectives: 1. To know the causes of yearly gap in the joining of college after high school 2. To assess the involvement of socio-economic factors in such decisions 3. To aware the students of the probable outcomes of this particular act 4. To provide help in resolving such issues 1.4. RATIONALE OF THE RESEARCH The researcher believes that this research is of utmost and universal importance as delay in the joining of college is not limited to US only. Therefore, this exploration may help the scholars and researchers from other areas of the world to find out the reasons for such tendencies in their regions. 1.5. LIMITATIONS IN THE RESEARCH As this research is academic and not financed by any authority, therefore the researcher will surely face financial issues. As a pre-caution, the researcher is going to limit this study to the students of his nearby area and city. 1.6. STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER This research paper will follow the following structure: CHAPTER I: will be the Introduction in which the background, research questions, objectives, rationale of this study and the limitations that this paper would be facing will be discussed. CHAPTER II: will comprise of the Literature Review in which the models and theories of E-banking and the review of the researches already done on the security threats involved will be analyzed. CHAPTER III: will involve a description of the technical details of the method adopted in the research. The type and mode of the research, the process of data collection, presentation and analysis will also be examined. CHAPTER IV: will comprise of the presentation of the data obtained with the help of tables and charts. This will provide an objective view of this research to the readers. It will also present a logical and rational analysis of the facts found in the previous chapter. Graphs as well as narrative analysis will also be used to present researcher’s own interpretation objectively. CHAPTER VI: will be the concluding section of the paper in which the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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