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Juvenile Delinquency and High School Drop Out Rate - Dissertation Example

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This research study paper “Juvenile Delinquency and High School Drop Out Rate” is about the relationship between school failure, children’s self-esteem, and their school and academic performance. Additionally, the paper focuses on the relationship between child juvenile delinquency and school dropouts…
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Juvenile Delinquency and High School Drop Out Rate
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Extract of sample "Juvenile Delinquency and High School Drop Out Rate"

Download file to see previous pages In schools, socialization plays a significant role in the children’s associations and relations. The paper again discusses the role of socialization and status in schools that, in turn, influence children’s behavior, which may lead to delinquency.
Nonetheless, to achieve the purpose of the paper, the study also focuses on the role of school achievement in educational success and the correlation between economic disadvantage and educational success. These two factors have great influence on a child’s attitude that can also affect their behavior and social relations (Doggett, 2014). To sum the study up, the paper focuses on detail influence why kids drop out of school; and the correlation between school failure and delinquency. Children who fail in school are more likely to develop negative attitudes that may lead them to commit delinquent activities. The paper finishes with suggestions for prevention of for reducing the school dropouts. It is wise that children must be protected and prevented from committing and criminal activities (Phillips and Kelly, 2006).
Raising children is not an easy task (Doggett, 2014). In modern society, juvenile delinquency is at the all-time high. However, it is the most lightly punished act committed by minors globally. All children have an exclusive interest that can help shape their behavior. Children are not born shunning the world or hating their surroundings.
This research study paper aims to uncover if school failure affects children’s self-esteem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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