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American and Mexican Culture - Essay Example

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American and Mexican Culture Introduction: The United States of America has been viewed as a land of prosperity and freedom for immigrants. The culture of America has developed because people from diverse nations contributed many social factors that contributed to the cultural uniqueness…
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American and Mexican Culture
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Download file to see previous pages In obvious terms, the geographical locations of Mexico and the United States contribute to the vast migration of legal and illegal immigrants. America offers more opportunities for its citizens and Mexican immigrants are often surrounded by poverty and poor living conditions. According to the US Census in 2000, it has been found that 12.5% of the total population of the United States is Hispanic and 66% of the Hispanic minority group is Mexican-Americans. It has further been estimated that by mid-21st century there would be one Mexican descendant among every six Americans (Bravo, 2005, p. 157). So, it is not very difficult to understand the kind of impact Mexican culture has on the United States through migration of both legal and illegal immigrants. Instances of the vast migration can also be realized poignantly in every discipline of American social life. The practice of linguistic and customary disciplines, such as, social gatherings, sharing gifts as a medium to express gratitude or mutual benevolence, and celebration of special occasions have become almost integral part of the American social life (“Mexico - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette,” n.d). Wide appreciation of Mexican cuisines, such as, nachos, tortilla chips, chimichangas, corn chips in daily course of American social life is an important evidence of the Mexican influence over American cultural scenario (Essman, 2010). Fine arts and murals of the United States bear traits of explicit influence from renowned Mexican artists such as, Orozco, David Alfaro and Diego Rivera (“Latin American Art,” 2011). Moreover, American music reflects strong evidences of Mexican influence almost in every domain of popular musical genres, such as, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll and country. It is interesting to see that music composers in the American cultural tradition have depended immensely over Mexican rhythm when it comes to popularization of their creations (Garfias, 1996, p. MU2). Keeping these aspects in mind it will not be an exaggeration to say that: “As it is the case of any human culture, the Mexican-American is varied and constantly changing due to the influence of other cultures. The particular case of the Mexican culture in the United States seems to be special: there is constant cultural exchange between Mexico and the United States, a constant flow of ideas and traditions back and forth” (Bravo, 2005, p. 157). Essential Features of the American Culture and Influence over Mexican population: To fully understand the impact of American culture over Mexico it is important to explore the nature of America’s economic and political relationship with that of the Mexico, it is important to find out some of the basic traits of American culture. Regardless of the fact that America is a land of great cultural diversity, there are certain aspects that can be identified as basic features of American culture, such as, the American notion of fate and destiny, the interpretation and perception of human nature, American perspective towards change and ideas regarding equality. Individualism is an essential feature of the American culture and it is widely accepted by Americans that human life can be changed if an individual is adequately determined to attain his/her goal. In American culture the notion of accepting change is correlated with evolving and displaying tolerance for others who are socially and culturally different from us. Compared to other parts of the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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