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Sweat Shops - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Sweat Shops Sweat Shops Sweat Shops Where the twenty first century is a world that belongs to the technological advancements and countries are in the phase of continuously growing with their economies, one of the major grave enormities that have come under surveillance is poverty and labor mis-utilization…
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Sweat Shops
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Download file to see previous pages The term sweatshop has come under usage in this regard; and it refers to a place that could be in form of shop, factory, industrial unit or a workshop where the owners take undue advantage of employees or workers and make them work for very long hours with a very minimum wage or earning. “The working conditions provided to the workers are depressed, underprivileged, harmful, unhygienic environment, and unhealthy” (Esbenshade, 2004, pp. 126). The workers do not even have the authority to form a union so that they can fight for their rights; neither have they chances to speak for their dreadful circumstances. In addition, the labors even experience coerced overtime as well as they experience vocal and physical violation. This excessive and unjustified advantage also comes under the incident by child labors and the sweatshop owners equally exploit them. “In recent times, the prevalence of sweatshops is of growing concern in not only the underdeveloped countries but also developed nations such as U.S. is also facing the same concern” (Bynoe, 2004, pp. 139). The existence and survival of sweatshops is possible because of the financial meltdown and increasing poverty level as cheap labor is available in a huge number. Consequently, the labors and the country’s economy come under suffering from it. ...
erged in the latter stage of the nineteenth century and this concept originated from the garments factory as they had subcontractor system who used to exploit the workers and made undue advantages of them. The sweatshops manufacture and produce all types of products that include shoes, clothing, rugs, toys, chocolate, coffee and many more. According to studies, “it has come under evidence that mostly the Asian countries produce shoes of several varieties like athletic shoes” (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2006). In addition, clothing that the sweatshops make also involve child labor and a big faction of the women immigrants comes under exploitation for the making of garments in the USA. “The rug industry employees the maximum child labors on illegal basis for the making of rugs from all around the world, and the Eastern countries are more engaged in the manufacturing of toys in sweatshops” (Kristof & WuDunn, 2000, pp. 1-3). The labors working in the coffee farms get the lowest wage, as the coffee farm owners come under pressure to do so due to the reason that they do not receive their complete payments of production. “Child labor is one of the common depravity and evilness that have come under findings for most of the industries” (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2006). A dirt free and an uncontaminated environment of the sweatshop does not reflect the meaning that labor working there are safe from the exploitations as they may still impose employees to work for longer hours and have the possibility that they may hire child labor as well. The above mentioned was one of the examples as there can be innumerable ways through which the sweatshop owners may exploit their workers. While working in garments or shoe factory, the labors are working without sufficient safety and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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