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A sweatshop is referred to as an industrial unit that violates a couple of labor laws including working hours, child labor and wages and benefits (Kristof 113). Examples of sweatshops include…
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Are Sweatshops Good or Bad
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Module Are Sweatshops Good or Bad? There are numerous sweat shops that are actively operational in the modern world. A sweatshop is referred to as an industrial unit that violates a couple of labor laws including working hours, child labor and wages and benefits (Kristof 113). Examples of sweatshops include Wal-Mart and Nike and manufacture their products using cheap labor to minimize the costs of production. There are numerous problems associated with sweatshops including minimal pay and poor working conditions (Kristof 113). Although most people are against sweat shops, there are various advantages associated with their existence that people may disregard when arguing for the case against sweatshops. Some of the benefits include generating an added income for the family, discourages children from engaging in drug and substance abuse and enables production of low priced goods. There are positive and negative impacts of sweat shops and the essay concentrates on the disadvantages.
The major argument against sweat shops in the US and world over is related to the working policies. It has been observed that the working conditions in these factories are poor. The environment is most sweat shops is damp, cold and dark and it may have negative health implications on the workers such as respiratory and sight problems. Secondly, the employees in sweat shops work for long hours and this can lead to fatigue or even depression (Kristof 114). In some situations the employees work for sixteen hours in a day and throughout the weak. Unfortunately, these employees do not get paid for working overtime. To make matters worse, these individuals work for low wages that is barely enough to buy food or cater for their basic needs.
The second most important argument against sweatshops is that they make use of child labor. This is owing to the fact that sweat shops are focused towards maximizing their profits and children offer cheap labor thus minimizing the cost of production (Kristof 115). This is seen as a violation of the children’ rights as they should be given the opportunity to play and study. It is wrong to contract children to work in sweat shops as they are exposed to poor working conditions and for prolonged hours and at little pay.
The final argument against sweat shops is that they take away jobs from the US citizens. Owing the current economic conditions in the US it has become increasingly difficult to find work (Kristof 115). It has been observed that most of the employees working in these factories are immigrants. Additionally, factories are relocated to other countries and this leads to loss of employment opportunities to the natives.
To sum up, the above discussion sheds light on the arguments against sweat shops in the US and globally. The three main arguments are based on the negative policies applied by the sweat shops, loss of employment and child labor. Future prospects are dwindling for the sweat shops industry because of the increased protests against them and their unfair employment policies. The solution to the above-mentioned problems is based through the practice of fair labor laws, provision of friendly work environments and establishment of a minimum wage in the industry.
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Kristof, N. (2012). Let Them Sweat. In Academic Universe: Research and Writing at Oklahoma State University. (Vol. 2, pp. 113-115). Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil Publishing. Print. Read More
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