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Why Leaving Home Can Be Difficult - Essay Example

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The main objective of the essay is to proffer and identify the common issues people face, especially in coping with change and managing the neutral zone in between leaving home (in the metaphorical sense of the known world) and being settled in a new life…
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Why Leaving Home Can Be Difficult
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Download file to see previous pages The essay aims to initially determine the general reasons for children leaving home; as well as indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the decision. Finally, recommendations to address identified challenges would be stipulated prior to a concluding remark. Reasons Why Children Leave Home Primarily, the decision to leave home when children reach a defined age of maturity differs according to culture and ethical orientation. As revealed by Goldscheider and Goldscheider, “variation in premarital residential independence is linked in part to the use of a foreign language and foreignness. Residential concentration and ecological and religious institutional contexts are important factors as are the values associated with religious denomination and religiosity. These findings suggest the continuing importance of ethnicity and religiosity as critical elements shaping family norms” (Abstract, par. 1). More families in western culture encourage young adults to leave home, in contrast to eastern society. According to research written by Zorlu and Mulder (five major factors influence the decision to leave home, to wit: individual resources, parental economic resources, the quality of the parental home, family structure, and the residential context (Zorlu and Mulder, 55 – 56). Young enterprising people, who have stable sources of income, have been found to have increased tendencies to support and sustain an independent life. Most young adults who have opted to pursue higher education live separately from parents. This information was validated by the research conducted by Bernhardt, et al.(2005) and Mulder and Hooimeijer (2002) who both contended that “enrollment in higher education is frequently associated with a step toward residential independence, either to live alone, or to share with roommates” (cited in Zorlu and Mulder, 55). The income of parents was revealed to influence children leaving home in terms of indicating that parents envision to prevent younger adults to pursue early marriages; while encourage older children to leave (Avery, et al, 1992; as cited by Zorlu and Mulder, 55). Concurrent and related to this, the quality of the parental home, manifested in the space provided for access and comfort significantly affects the decision of children to leave or stay. The family structure defines the kind of parental roles enforced – either as two supportive parents, single parents, and number of siblings or dysfunctional relationships – where children opt to leave in a troublesome and more chaotic familial environment. Finally, the residential context takes into account the environmental characteristics within which the parental residence is situated. As revealed, children opt to choose to leave the home when the neighborhood is considered less attractive and located in distant situations from school or place of work. Advantages and Disadvantages of Leaving Home The Perth and Kinross Council have clearly enumerated advantages and disadvantages of leaving home. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why Leaving Home Can Be Difficult Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Why Leaving Home Can Be Difficult Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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This essay was always my weak point. I could never complete it successfully. Still, after I found this particular paper, I understood how it should be done. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the essay in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.

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