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The author of the paper states that if drugs can be illegalized, why cannot marijuana be banned as well when it is just another drug? It is one of the potential causes of an increase in crime, violence, health care issues and unemployment in society…
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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized
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Marijuana should not be legalized!
Over the past few years, a lot of debate has been carried out on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana is just another drug whose consumption makes people addicted to it. Protecting nation’s health is an obligation upon the government, so it should not legalize marijuana because legalizing it will promote drug abuse, violence, immorality and infertility in males, memory loss, hearing impairment and weakening of the immune system.
Marijuana is rich in toxic chemicals. When marijuana is smoked, the hundreds of chemicals that it contains get distorted into thousands. The chemicals marijuana contains are highly psychoactive and toxic in nature. Marijuana causes a lot of health disorders that include but are not limited to premature aging, cancer, brain tumor, depression, excessive aggression, memory loss and weakening of immune system. Marijuana particularly aggravates the health disorders in patients of AIDS. In patients of AIDS, marijuana decreases the body’s ability to fight the effects of disease by weakening the immune system. Marijuana smokers who test positive for HIV develop the full-blown AIDS with a speed that is twice as much as it is in the case of non smokers.
In addition to the conventional ways in which marijuana deteriorates the smoker’s health, it increases the smoker’s tendency to take more dangerous drugs at a later stage. The likelihood of teenagers smoking marijuana to consume cocaine is much more as compared to teenagers who do not consume marijuana at the outset. A vast majority of children smoke marijuana and later start to consume cocaine. Besides, marijuana smoking children lose interest in studies. Marijuana becomes the most important necessity of their life. In schools that ban marijuana, students tend to bunk classes and smoke marijuana in hidden spots. In order to keep their friends from discovering their secret, they tend to keep away from friends and are gradually pushed into social exclusion that ruins their personal and social life.
One of the potential causes of infertility in males is the consumption of marijuana. Marijuana causes the sperms in testes to undergo premature apoptosis. This causes the male marijuana smokers to become impotent. This adversely affects their marital life. Husbands’ disturbed physical relationship with their spouses also ruins the relationship at the psychological level, and the growing tensions may lead to divorce.
Owing to the deteriorating effect of marijuana on health, government should ban its use both as a drug and as medicine. Marijuana’s sale at stores should be disallowed and public access to it should be made totally impossible. Government assumes both legal and moral obligation to protect the society and provide the nation with security against all such factors that are harmful for the nation in any way. If drugs can be illegalized, why can not marijuana be banned as well when it is just another drug? It is one of the potential causes of increase in crime, violence, health care issues and unemployment in the society. The demerits of marijuana consumption outweigh its benefits. Accordingly, it should never be legalized. Read More
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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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