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Family Structure - Essay Example

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The essay deals with the problem of diversity that places a responsibility on all the people living together from different backgrounds to work together, integrate and respect each other’s opinions. The number of ways to get along with each other in a diversified society is studied in the essay…
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Family Structure
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Download file to see previous pages Mutual understanding, working in groups during the educational and professional careers and living together helps in understanding the ideals, values, moral concerns and religious beliefs of other people. Hence, sharing common goals and interacting with each other helps them in understanding each other better. Mutual understanding can be encouraged in the family only if they have enough friends. The Asian family is a nuclear family who is accustomed to the Pakistani culture where a lot of things are different than those in America. The number of children in the family is four which makes it an extended family that has to be taken care of. The children after moving to America would find it very difficult to cope up with the culture in the new society. It is necessary that these children make friends with the locals of their area so that they can know about the culture of United States. The things common in the United States such as speaking of English is of utmost importance to these children. The language difference can create a gap for the Asian family because of which the children might feel isolated if not helped by the locals. The locals should frequently talk to the children so that they can learn the language of America and get used to it. The religion followed by the Asian family would make it difficult for them to cope with the American culture and hence they should be taught about the society they are about to live in. Children of the family should be frequently let out so that they can witness the environment in the city and can make new friends. The friends would be able to remove the religious and other barriers between the family and the locals. Inborn traits of a person are also helpful in maintaining good relationships in such populations. The communication skills, power to persuade others and building good relationships help in maintaining a level of understanding and collaboration in the diversified population. People may polish and learn these skills through active learning, education and proper concentration in these areas. For instance, having good communication with each other helps in understanding each other better and making others’ understand the ideas and issues properly. One of the most important aspects of cultural integration is the use of school and knowledge. The emphasis of the Asian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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