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Even as it is the norm in contemporary society to deem that all men have inalienable rights and equality, this is not true in some instances. One of the most poignant differences in this theory of equality is offered by the inequality that is afforded minority ethnic groups in healthcare. …
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Local Practice
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Local Practice Essay Introduction Even as it is the norm in contemporary society to deem that all men have inalienable rights and equality, this is not true in some instances. One of the most poignant differences in this theory of equality is offered by the inequality that is afforded minority ethnic groups in healthcare. Even as minority ethnic groups may deem equality of treatment in healthcare, it has to be acknowledged that differences in physiological makeup make it prudent to offer differentiated healthcare. Furthermore cultural practices also call for a differentiation of healthcare since, different local practices result into differentiated healthcare needs. Discussion Engagement in Risky Behavior Risky behavior is in many instances an important predictor of the health of a population. While human beings acknowledge that risky behavior is a cause for poor health it is also a fact that instances of obesity as a result of engaging in the risky behavior of eating of junk food still exists. There are other risky behaviors such as smoking and drinking which despite education on their effects still continue to unexplainably show high rates of prevalence among the American population. The same may also be said of cultural practices which though proven to be negative continue to be adhered by certain populations. While some cultural practices lead to negative and risky behavior, the cultural practices of some ethnic groups have the opposite effect. A good example of this is the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco among the Amish and the prohibition of alcohol among the Arabs. On the other hand the immigrants in America are led to alcohol consumption due to the stress of attaining the American dream. Another example is the irresponsible attitudes of traditional African cultural practices which have led to relatively high rates of HIV/AIDS infections in African countries. The Asian family observed was different in this regard since they did not drink or smoke since they were Muslims. Nutrition Food is a significant aspect in determining the nutrition of a population. For instance people who live near the sea will eat a lot of seafood while those living in the rural areas will tend to eat healthier in that they have access not only to fresh food but also in abundance. People living in the city would on the other hand be less healthy due to financial constraints and issues of accessibility. Local practices, traditions and superstitions also come into play in determining nutrition. A good example is the cooking of black eyed peas for New Year in order to bring good luck and the preference for fatty foods since African American do not look well upon thinness. The Asian family observed tended to eat desserts which did not have high sugar content. Most of the foods were cooked in very low fat and the vegetables were steamed rather than fried. While celebrations in other cultures tend to focus a lot in eating and drinking during religious events and other ceremonies, the Asians tended to keep food at a minimum instead concentrating on the celebrations and eating and drinking after in order to avoid excesses. Pregnancy and Child Bearing Practices Different people receive different medical care during pregnancy and childbirth. This is influenced not only by factors of cost and accessibility but also attitudes towards childbearing. Most cultures usually deem the child bearing process as a happy moment even as it is deemed a woman’s responsibility. Different cultures have different means and procedures for guiding the childbearing process ranging from time of rest to the type of food to be consumed during pregnancy. In some cultures such as China only one child is allowed for a set of parents which has led to high incidences of abortion especially of the girl child. The family observed while being Asian seemed to have been influenced by American culture and had several children which were of mixed sexuality. However, it seemed as if the male children received more attention especially from the father. Conclusion The various practices ranging from risky behavior, to nutrition and child bearing practices portray the diversity in health attitudes and perspectives towards childbearing. The health professional therefore has the task of understanding the background of the people he is dealing with and as such understand the cultural beliefs in order to be able to isolate ones which may harm the health of his patients and ones that are harmless. Practices which are simply a deviation from the norm and pose no serious threat to health ought not to be taken into account. It is however very important that the health professional have a proper understanding of cultural practices in order to protect his patients from negative cultural practices. Read More
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