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Eating Behaviour and Dietary Quality in College Students - Thesis Example

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The paper "Eating Behaviour and Dietary Quality in College Students" describes that competent eaters are optimistic, contented, and flexible in terms of eating. College students, who are at a high danger of having chaotic eating behaviors, frequently lack these qualities. …
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Eating Behaviour and Dietary Quality in College Students
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Extract of sample "Eating Behaviour and Dietary Quality in College Students"

Download file to see previous pages Eating competence explains how normal people eat. It is descriptive in that sense and rigid only for that group who are not comfortable with their current eating or who are concerned about their diet and health, and seek to make a dietary transformation from distorted eating to competent eating (Satter, 2007). Distorted eating mainly arises from disordered eating that involves disturbed eating as well as unhealthy eating patterns. Such kinds of eating include eating habits such as restrictive eating, skipping meals, or even compulsive eating (Heartherton, Nichols & Mahamedi, Keel, 1995).
Weight Watchers, which a lot of people hype as the finest of the diet centers because of its dependence on real, unmarked food as well as flexible menu options, does not help people in understanding and knowing about the inner competence on eating. This comes down to the issue of trust against control, according to the nutritionist Ellyn Satter, who takes care of “dieting casualties” in her practice. She reckons that people require learning to believe that they will get filled, even on food they think as highly desirable, and recognize that they can reliably control their own food intake, instead of depending on exterior rules to control those choices. “Weight Watchers is good at easing up food choices, teaching people how to eat carefully, and encouraging them to add to the diversity of food in their diet,” states Satter. “But it is still essentially a control stance they apply” (Satter, 2007, p. 56). When people rely on exterior ruleranges, and diet cops to control their eating, their association to food remains delicate.
There are four factors that make up eating competence. One such factor is having a good attitude towards food and eating. This involves enjoying the food and not feeling guilty about the food or the enjoyment. The increase of disordered eating has persisted in relation to behaviours and attitudes expressed at an early age. Studies of youthful girls disclose that a range of emotional and physical risk factors forecast later disordered eating. They include high levels of adverse emotionality, body discontent, and early age of menarche. In addition to emotional and physical factors, it has been advocated that certain situations or cultural climates intensify the risk of eating disorders, mainly in individuals who display the aforesaid risk factors. Some investigators have recognized college as an environmental risk aspect for eating disorder.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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