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Child Rearing Practices in Poorer Communities - Essay Example

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According to this essay, it is written to proffer a comparative analysis between the child-rearing practices of African American and the Hispano Latino communities. The discourse would initially describe differences between the two racial groups child-rearing practices…
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Child Rearing Practices in Poorer Communities
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Extract of sample "Child Rearing Practices in Poorer Communities"

Download file to see previous pages The need to address the various needs of children likewise impacts the economic, physical, emotional and mental conditions of their nuclear family.
According to the Mondofacto (2010), childrearing is defined in the medical dictionary as “the training or bringing-up of children by parents or parent-substitutes. It is used also for child rearing practices in different societies, at different economic levels, in different ethnic groups, etc. It differs from parenting in that in child rearing the emphasis is on the act of training or bringing up the child and the interaction between the parent and child, while parenting emphasizes the responsibility and qualities of exemplary behavior of the parent” ( par. 1).
As concurrently averred by Andrews & Boyle (2008, 122) that “children are viewed as a gift from God from various ethnic and religious groups”, child rearing has “clinical relevance, such as nutrition, sleep, elimination, parent-child relationships, discipline, and related concepts”.
In this regard, the essay is written to proffer a comparative analysis between the child-rearing practices of African American and the Hispano Latino communities, particularly focusing on the lower income groups. The discourse would initially describe differences between the two racial groups before delving into the child-rearing practices that exist within those groups. The relevant factors that contribute to those practices would be examined and analyzed with the aim of recommending measures to address confounding problems on the topic.
The NKI Center has revealed that African Americans constitute about 12.4% of the population of the United States (2008). According to the report, “many women are faced with un- and under-employment, impoverished conditions and single family households.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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