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The Role of the UN Secretary - Essay Example

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This paper talks that United Nations presents a turning of humanity towards the ideals of peace and security after the terrors of World War II. It is the concrete reality of the coming together of nations, as equals, in pursuit of a better world not only for the peoples of today, but also for the children of tomorrow. …
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The Role of the UN Secretary
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Download file to see previous pages In this segment, the subject of the study, the significance of the research, the methodology employed in the research and the structure of the paper are presented. The section deals with the historical origin of the role of the UN Sec-Gen. The part is about the legal basis of the role of the UN Sec-Gen, while the fourth section is about the interpretation of the UN Sec-Gen. The fifth segment deals with the future possible roles of the Sec-Gen. The sixth section will be dealing with how the UN Sec-Gen has been made stronger through the years. Finally, the sixth part is the conclusion of the research. Tracing the Origin The presence of a Secretary–General in a public international organisation is not something new. Prior to United Nations, the League of Nations provided the first framework with which the role of Sec-Gen was stipulated. In the League of Nations, the Sec-Gen was essentially performing administrative functions (Alexandrowicz, 1962). In fact, its first Sec-Gen Sir Eric Drummond performed the functions of the office within the limits set and never attempted to extend the capacity of the office of the Sec-Gen to political matters (Alexandrowicz, 1962; Kunz, 1958). In this regard, the administrative function s of the Sec-Gen of the League of Nations was ministerial and administrative in function. However, what was significant in the leadership of Sir Drummond was he created and opened the idea of a truly international civil servant by introducing the concepts of international responsibility and international composition (Alexandrowicz, 1962). He provided his staffs with immunities and privileges in connection with the performance of their functions, thus solidifying teh administrative (ministerial) function of the Sec-Gen. On the other hand,...
This paper approves that the UN Secretary General symbolises the United Nation. As he performs his roles – administrative and political- he affirms the truism that the ideals of the international community bind each nation for the fulfilment of just peace and security not only within their own country, but also around the globe. As observed in the course of the study, understanding the roles of the UN Sec-Gen is not as easy as choosing between black or white. Understanding it, entails apprehending the factors influencing the performance of their functions; nonetheless, in the midst of the issues and controversies surrounding the UN Secretary General, they are made aware that their loyalty is not to some powerful nations, but to the very principles, that supports the United Nations. The author talks that the strengthening of the UN Sec-Gen’s position is not defined by promulgation of new laws, rather, it is made and witness by the increased number of the members of UN. The fact that people trust the UN Sec-Gen and sees hope in UN’s action, puts into light that which continue to strengthen the UN Sec-Gen’s position – the continued and relentless pursuit for global just peace and security.
This paper makes a conclusion that role of the UN Secretary General is not fixed and is not removed from historical time. It is continuously reshaping and defining its attributes as responds to the challenges and demands of the period. This opens the possibilities for failure and error just like what has been experienced in Kosovo, but this does not mean that the pursuit for international just peace and security should be abrogated. In fact, in the face of failures, the UN Sec-Gen bears witness to the truism that much is yet to be done for just peace, security and human dignity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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