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Gay marriage has become one of the most controversial topics in the United States. The writer of the paper "Gay Marriages In The United States" discusses the arguments for gay marriage as the homosexual couples are entitled to as citizens of the United States…
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Gay Marriages In The United States
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Gay Marriages In The United States
Gay marriage has become one of the most controversial topics in the United States. Those in favor of gay marriage believe that every person should be given the right to marry whoever they want to regardless of their gender. If they love someone, just like heterosexual people are able to, then they want to be able to show it in the same way by becoming married. The people that agree with gay marriage also argue that by not allowing gay marriage, homosexual couples are being denied the rights that are written down for them in the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This amendment makes it known that every American citizen is to be treated equally in matters that concern their rights, such as marriage, without taking into consideration their gender, race, or ethnicity. The argument for gay marriage can easily be summed up to the equal rights that these homosexual couples are entitled to as citizens of the United States.
On the other side of the argument, for those opposing gay marriage, it is believed that marriage should be based on biblical belief, which is that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This is mainly due to the fact that children can only be made in a heterosexual relationship, and procreation is a primary reason for marriage. Also, many reasons against gay marriage are usually centered around religious beliefs. For instance, it goes against the Christian religion, as stated in their Bible, that a man should not be with another man the same way he can be with a woman. Even people that are not religious believe that this should be true, again making reference to procreation. Furthermore, it is also believed that gay marriage violates the sacred institution of marriage and the stability of family life, as a gay couple cannot guarantee stable mother and father figures should adopted children be brought into the family. Read More
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Gay Marriages In The United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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