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The role of technology in society - Essay Example

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The role of technology within any society of the world has attained a great deal of significance, largely due to the expansion regimes that have come about with the passage of time.There is a good deal of information available at hand with respect to the role of the technological domains within the time and age of today…
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The role of technology in society
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Download file to see previous pages The role of technology within any society of the world has attained a great deal of significance, largely due to the expansion regimes that have come about with the passage of time. There is a good deal of information available at hand with respect to the role of the technological domains within the time and age of today. It goes to suggest without any malice whatsoever that technology is indeed the backbone of many a tasks and processes happening on the global front. Without technology and its related factors, there would be a lot of problems for the people in this world. Since technology is continuously on the move, the society has to take a lot of beating because it has to enhance its basis quickly and quite often. This paper discusses the basis of the Information Technology and how it has been able to manifest its truest form in the wake of the societal happenings. The history of Information Technology within the society is such that it manifests its basis through the work ideologies under the business and management circles. The role of the Information Technology is such that it comes about as a natural resource for these business ranks in an out and out fashion. The advantages of the Information Technology within the society are such that people can interact with one another as and when they wish to, and they can also hold teleconferences and videoconferences at different places of the globe, only with a click of a mouse and related software basis. These are some of the most prevalent options that are available to the computer and Information Technology users throughout the world (Manuch, 2009). The world of Information Technology has changed for the better. There have been significant changes in the last decade or so which have exponentially tripled the advancements which were made in the historical times. The manner in which these advancements within the field of Information Technology are coming to the fore is something to write home about. Much has been written about the advantages and disadvantages of Information Technology within the lives of the common man and woman on the street but there is a dire need to understand what the current Information Technology trends are going on, and more so, on a global level. McLuhan predicted the basis of the earth shrinking into a village by the mere usage of the electric technology. He also made aware to the people that the different processes and events would be conveyed over this platform to varied points, all at the same time. Such were his predictions that the same have come about as a reality in the time and age of today (Neill, 2006). The term “global village” has also been derived from his predictions nonetheless. Thus the global village terminology is being used now-a-days in close linkage with the World Wide Web and the Internet. It must be believed that whatever McLuhan predicted has come about as a reality basis in today’s times because his understanding was based on the growing use of the Information Technology across a number of platforms and areas, where he was able to achieve success without any problem whatsoever. Information Technology is creating a very powerful role within the lives of the people and even the most die hard critics will agree on this premise since they are experiencing the same first hand. The role is magnified when the tools and services that come directly under the domains of Information Technology are represented in a very apparent way. Even the media highlights the proposition of Information Technology within the lives of the common man and woman on the street and this makes people realize where they are being at an advantage due to the correct use of the same (Haider, 2006). The social networking sites that have come to the fore, have made lives easier for the people since now they can interact and communicate with their friends and family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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