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Uncertainties over the DNA evidence as highlighted by the defence in the O. J. Simpson trial - Essay Example

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Uncertainties over the DNA evidence as highlighted by the defense in the Simpson trial The O.J. Simpson case led to very accurate and reliable appreciation of the weaknesses and strengths of the DNA evidence that was produced against Simpson. The O.J. Simpson case has led to a lot of lessons being learned from the uncertainties over the DNA evidence highlighted in defense in the O.J…
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Uncertainties over the DNA evidence as highlighted by the defence in the O. J. Simpson trial
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Extract of sample "Uncertainties over the DNA evidence as highlighted by the defence in the O. J. Simpson trial"

Download file to see previous pages This premise and analysis leads generally to unflattering inferences concerning the intelligence or fairness of the jury of Simpson and more widely to skeptical conclusions concerning the aptitude and capacity of the system of criminal justice, as constituted currently, in order to produce results that are just (Jasanoff, 1998). This paper seeks to highlight the uncertainties over the DNA evidence as highlighted by the defense in the O.J. Simpson case, and argue that the Simpson jury could reasonably infer that the evidence of DNA in the O.J. Simpson case deserved no or little weight. The Account of Prosecution The argument of prosecution was that Simpson cut his hand as he murders the victims and left behind a “trail of blood” in the Bundy scene of crime, into his residence at Rockingham and into his Bronco. As put in the account of prosecution, the blood of the victim was transferred to Bronco since it splattered all over Simpson and had the glove saturated (Simpson carried him and threw him behind the house). The blood of Nicole Brown Simpson was evidently pressed on the sock at the scene of crime; conceivably the bloody hand of Simpson touched his ankle. Simpson perhaps disposed of his clothing to the scene of crime but forgot about the socks in his bedroom as he never realized the socks were stained with the blood of Nicole (Lynch, 1998). The Account of Defense There were several elements in the defense account. Simpson bled in the Bronco and his home. According to the defense, Simpson cut himself accidentally at home in the evening of the crime, may be when trying to retrieve a cell phone from his Bronco, and therefore the drops of his blood were left on his driveway, in the Bronco and the hallway of his home. Later Simpson travelled to Chicago and cut himself again, when he broke a glass in his Chicago hotel room, more seriously when he learned of his ex wife’s death. According to the testimony of Dr. Robert Huizenga, it was established that there were actually two cuts on the left middle and the smaller finger of Simpson, and that a much less conspicuous cut could have led to a sufficient bleeding to account for the quantity of the blood of Simpson found at his residence in Rockingham and in the Bronco (Thompson, 1996). The uncertainties of DNA evidence highlighted by defense The Rockingham glove and Bundy blood drops were contaminated with the DNA of Simpson at the LAPD Laboratory. Collin Yamauchi, the LAPD criminalist admitted that he practically spilled some blood of Simpson from a reference vial as he worked upon the processing of the evidence in the room and that he handled shortly thereafter the cotton swatches with the blood from Bundy drops and the Rockingham glove. The defense team suggested that some blood from Simpson was transferred inadvertently to these evidentiary samples conceivably on the instruments and gloves of Collin Yamauchi (Carbado, 1997). The defense also argued that the DNA of the possible true perpetrator (the person who left the drops of blood) could not be detected from the samples because it was destroyed and degraded as a result of mishandling of the Bundy samples. Collin Yamauchi, the LAPD criminalists swabbed the drops of blood during collection with a wet cotton swatch. These cotton swatches were placed in a plastic bag and for several hours were left in a hot truck. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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