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The OJ Simpson Trial - Research Paper Example

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Introduction In the O.J Simpson trial case, some issues are raised within the trials and these issues led millions of people around the globe to be entitled to their own opinion, personal verdict, and conclusion. The verdict of the jury was even judge by millions of people whether the case was decided based on the facts and evidences or there are occurrences of biases…
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The OJ Simpson Trial
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Extract of sample "The OJ Simpson Trial"

Download file to see previous pages Simpson was a retired football player and a resident of California. Simpson is one of the black Americans who surpassed racism and proved success together with Oprah, Wesley, and Spike during the 90’s. Nicole and Ronald who were the victims of double murder were both belong to the white race while Simpson who was the main suspect belongs to the black race. Some of the questions raised in the minds of the Americans and the rest of the people in the world is whether he would be found guilty or not, is he responsible of the crime, is there a manipulation on the part of the cops who has the access on the crime scene, and the last but not least is whether he’s status of being a celebrity would affect the verdict? On the other hand, the verdict about Simpson seem to ignite issues whether Simpson was judge based on evidence, popularity, and race for those who believe that he was guilty and for those who believe that he is not. The DNA evidence against Simpson was weak according to those who stick beside him and was just a product of the discrepancy that the LAPD sponsored because of racism. Who is O.J. Simpson Orenthal James Simpsom was born on July 9, 1947 in San Francisco California. He is a member of the American Black with straight hair. He is an actor and a football player and one of the most important personalities that the America has. Simpson was the son of Jimmie Lee Simpson and Eunice Durden. His first wife was Marguerite Whitly whom he had the son Jason and daughter Arnelle and Aaren. He had a second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson who was murdered. They had a son Justin and a daughter named Paula. Investigation of the incident On June 12, 1994, at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condominium, her neck was slashed and a friend who accidentally dropped by was stabbed around thirty times. It was said that the suspects, male, used the back entrance of the said condominium along with the popular Brentwood area of Los Angeles. The body of the two victims were discovered by the neighbour who led to the investigation of the Brown-Simpson and Goldman investigation. Police informed Simpson about the death of his ex-wife and gave no reaction about the details of the death and later claims that he reacted through smashing a glass that made his left hand cut. The investigations about the incidents focused on Simpson, equating the wound on his left hand to the incidents. The series of interviews and investigations done by the officers were incompetent claim by the police. Eventually, after the police accumulated enough evidence that would indicate Simpson’s guilt in the murders, he was issued a warrant of arrest. Simpson Promised to submit himself at the police station but instead, he disappears until he had been hunted down. The prosecution filed the case in the Downtown district and not in the town where the crimes happened. However, the filing of the case is considered a mistake because the case should be filed in the district where the crime happened. It was said that one of the reasons why the litigation of the case was continued at the downtown was through the believed that the case against Simpson was strong and the jury of the downtown would have no choice but to convict Simpson. During Simpson arraignment on July 22, 1994, Simpson answered the question “How do you plead”, and his answer was “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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