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Strategy of the Jurors for the OJ Simpson Trial No: Roll No: Date: University: Strategy of the Jurors for the OJ Simpson Trial On 13 June 1994, a dog covered in blood was found by a man in Bundy Drive, West Los Angeles, a posh locality of Los Angeles…
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Strategy of Jurors for the OJ Simpson Trial
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Strategy of the Jurors for the OJ Simpson Trial No: Roll No: Strategy of the Jurors for the OJ Simpson Trial On 13 June 1994, a dog covered in blood was found by a man in Bundy Drive, West Los Angeles, a posh locality of Los Angeles. The dog was in a restless state and brought his founder to 875 South Bundy, home of former American football player Orenthal James Simpson and spouse Nicole Brown Simpson, now taken by Nicole and their two offspring (Gilbert, 2008). On the path to the house, the corpses of a Caucasian pair were found. The body of the female belonged to Nicole Brown Simpson (35 years of age); the male’s body belonged to Ronald Lyly Goldman (25 years old), who served at the restaurant where Nicole had dinner (Gilbert, 2008). Brown Simpson and Goldman were assaulted sometime between 9:00 PM and 12:00 PM on June 12 1994. The attack was committed in front of the Brown Simpson residence, situated at 875 South Bundy Drive, Brentwood, in West Los Angeles, California. The 2 children, Justin and Sydney, aged 5 and 8 respectively, were fast asleep when the murders took place. The 2 victims were left dead in front of the house after being stabbed several times (Gilbert, 2008). The prosecution planned to use three kinds of proof so as to settle that the time span was indeed correct. First of all, they relied on the motifs, the frame of mind, manners, and the outward show. OJ was still furious about the fact that Nicole left him again. He agreed with a reconciliation he wanted almost a year prior to the murder, after the second divorce. He agreed only to be left again approximately a month before the crimes. She then forced him out of the family at the dance and dinner. Also, she returned the present he got for her birthday. At the recital, OJ was visibly upset and very reclusive because his current love interest then, Paula Barbieri, left him too. She wished to accompany him to the recital, but he turned her down. She quickly left town after this (Lange & Vannatter, 1997). After eating at McDonald’ with Kato he ineffectively tried to find her on her mobile phone, twice. 80 minutes later he left Rockingham in the Bronco. Paula was in fact stationed in Las Vegas, and was accommodated in a hotel room that Michael Bolton requisitioned. OJ displayed a cut on his left index finger that was noticed by the officers from the police station on June 13 (Lange & Vannatter, 1997). Kato and the people from the dance reported that OJ did not have this scar earlier. The physical proof consisted of a bloody Aris Isotoner glove and a ski cap, both found at the crime scene, and the pair to the glove that was found behind Simpson’s house. The material the ski cap was made from was identical with the one from the Bronco, and matched perfectly with some material found on Ron Goldman’s clothes. Also, a strand of blonde hair was found on one of the gloves, this sample of hair could originate from Nicole, and another strand of dark hair was also found. It was thought that the former came from Ron Goldman (Hunt, 1999). It was speculated that OJ, after losing the glove and cap at the crime scene, accidentally injured his left index finger. He then hurried back to his residence back in the Bronco, sloppily leaving it on Rockingham. At the time, Allan Park was waiting at the entrance of his house from Ashford Street. Simpson then planned to ditch the knife and bloody clothing. So he slipped down pathway to his house and accidentally hit an air conditioning machine that made the noises Kato Kaelin heard. He then dropped the glove and quickly entered the house. He then let Allan Park enter his household and left with him towards the airport (Moskovitz, 1995). OJ took with himself a large suitcase and a bag of golf equipment and another black golf bag that he always carried himself. The respective black bag was never seen after the incident, but the prosecutor came up with the explanation that the bag could have been taken in the garment bag when Simpson and Kardashian left Rockingham on Tuesday morning. The third set of evidence was the DNA tests completed on the samples of blood found inside the Bronco. It was revealed that they matched perfectly with those of OJ Simpson, and the late Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (Hunt, 1999). The floor of Simpson’s bedroom beheld a sock that was stained with blood. The DNA of that blood matched exactly with that of Nicole Brown Simpson. Also, the murder scene contained another blood sample that under analysis revealed that it was the exact same match with the blood found on the Rockingham residence, and therefore belonged to the presumed murderer, OJ Simpson. These DNA tests were presented intensely to many witnesses for a long amount of time, from June to August, including Robin Cotton of Cellmark and Gary Sims, representative of the State Crime Laboratory (Shapiro & Warren, 1996). The idea of the testimony was that any other match was extremely rare. That meant that one in seven billion people had the alleles observed in the sample at the crime scene and the defendant’s own blood. The scarceness of the figures for the overall populace and other minorities, including African-Americans, was also covered by the prosecutor (Lange & Vannatter, 1997). There were a number of proofs pointing towards OJ Simpson as a murderer such as 911 call and record of Simpson’s hostility towards Nicole, hair evidence, glove evidence, DNA proof and fibre evidence. By considering all these proofs, this could not be denied that OJ Simpson was a murderer. The adopted strategy for winning the case would be presenting proofs before the judge along with witnesses to make the case strong. In addition, witty questions should be asked to make the criminal accept his guilt. References Gilbert, Mike. (2008). How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret, and Remorse. Washington D.C.: Regnery Publishing. Hunt, Darnell M. (1999). O. J. Simpson facts and fictions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lange, T. & Vannatter, P. (1997). Evidence Dismissed – The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O.J. Simpson. New York: Pocket Books. Moskovitz, Myron. (1995). "The O.J. Inquisition: A United States Encounter with Continental Criminal Justice." Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 28. Shapiro, R. L. & Warren, L. (1996). The Search for Justice – A Defense Attorney’s Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case. New York: Warner Books. Read More
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