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The relationship between increasing consumerism and the casualization of labor - Essay Example

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The relationship between increasing consumerism and the casualization of labor Number: University: Course: Date: The relationship between increasing consumerism and the casualization of labor Casualization refers to the spreading out of bad conditions of work such as job insecurity, irregular employment, low wages and the absence of standard employment benefits…
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The relationship between increasing consumerism and the casualization of labor
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Download file to see previous pages In most places, casual jobs workers undergo an enormous deficit in their benefits and rights compared to workers in ordinary permanent jobs. Casual workers are more susceptible to bad practices like summary firing, variation in hours and timetables, subjective treatment and underpayment. Moreover, casual workers are prone to deficits in areas of skill development and promotion. Casual work is viewed as bad since it exerts downward pressure on wages and conditions, in addition to attracting more workers into the net. Direct hire and outsourcing directly and overtly threaten substitution of permanent workers by casual employees. Causal jobs also form the basis of precariousness and susceptibility of individuals and families. In the recent past, a valuable exploration body in both academic and activist arenas emerged. The body confronts the increase of provisional, elastic and/or precarious employment in the modern society. The body of research derives its theoretical framework from ethnographic and sociological studies. The body also forms the basis of critique surrounding the aspect of precarity and the use of English language. Several scholarly articles have been published with the same view in mind. These are such as the ephemera: theory and politics in organizations by Dowling et al. where the debate highlights the aspect of precarious and flexible employees as the new form of the political issue; complete with their own forms of shared organization and modes of expression. For illustration, Chainworkers groups operating out of Milan assembled the youth who had little political knowledge to take part in work strikes of graphic and fashion parades everywhere. Nevertheless, the issue of contingency and precarity remained a severe issue that it stretched from hypothetical and political outset to the new media sectors. In a more general scope, precarity may be understood as the root of political incapacity, economic exploitation and opportunities to be seized. The emergence of precarious working conditions signifies disappearance of stable jobs, provision of welfare, emergence of debts, as well as, adequate housing. Moreover, the available time for creating and cultivating personal relations also become part of the precarity. In the founding of elastic labor market in the 1980s, life was proclaimed as an asset put to work, resulting in the emergence of social pay that would recompense political subjects for their useful input in relation to general social prosperity. Further series of debate with regards to non-citizen migrants as precarious workers emerged, as well as the gendered nature of precarious work (Guy, 2011). Other scholars also studied on politics of the effective division of labour of female migrant workforce. This led to a view of precarity as an experience of embodied capitalism (Neilson & Rossiter, 2008, p 56). A study of the world of art by production economist was bewildered by the gap between their earnings or performance outputs and that of their fellows in service occupations. Baumol held that performing arts were prone to cost disease that censures the cost per live concert to increase at a faster rate than that of a typically manufactured product. The arts could either join the productive subdivision by imitating the profitable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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