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Ethical Dilemma Research Paper On Racial Profiling in Police work Name: Course no: Subject: Sociology Date: April, 2013 Professor: Introduction In this paper, the researcher is focusing on racial profiling in police as a dominant ethical dilemma in America…
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Ethical Dilemma Paper on Racial profiling in police work
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Download file to see previous pages To a small extent the police may be justified in profiling such groups because historically commission of most crimes emanated from their attitude and behaviour or world view. However, to a large extent, it is a serious ethical dilemma in the administration of criminal justice on ground that minority groups are discriminated and even prosecuted for nothing. There is a laxity in the police to subject a particular group of people to this type of discrimination because of their colour and cultural back ground. Consequently, it tantamount to abuse of due process of law and abridging the civil liberties when our citizens are segregated for no good reason without a right to a fair hearing. In most state jurisdictions police officers easily suspect Negros, Hispanics and Arabs on grounds of race for committing crimes as opposed to white people which is unfair. Whereas presidents and other prominent politicians have condemned the practice, it continues unabated hence prolonging the most hated racism in policing. Whereas blacks, Arabs and Hispanics, maybe rightly suspected of committing crimes such as drug trafficking, robbery and terrorism among others, it does not mean that every person in this category is a potential suspect. When driving on public roads and most times at air ports, these categories of persons are placed under intense security search. There is no conclusive answer as to why such a psychological discrimination lingers in our society but remains a question of jurisprudence. In this paper therefore, the researcher concludes that that racial profiling is an ethical dilemma and immoral consideration brought about by the pessimistic beliefs by police officers that Blacks, Hispanic and Arabs are habitual criminals. This is a conduct abusing due process of law in our criminal Justice system in America. It abridges the civil liberties of these people by depriving citizens of their right to liberty “without due process or equal protection of law.” This ethical concern stems from the fact that police officers should treat all people equally without any form of racial discrimination by doing what they would need others do to them. In this situation, blacks, Arabs as well as Latinos are segregated and reduced to second class citizens in United States. It is a flood gate of total abuse of the Criminal Justice system and should be condemned in the strongest terms. It is the role of policy makers therefore to refrain from this immoral behavior by promoting respect and equal treatment for all. The ethical concern and both sides of racial profiling in police According to Chris Angle (2004) Ethics is the understanding of how to distinguish good from bad virtues governing a person’s moral behaviour, conduct and or wellbeing in society. They are often seen in an individual’s professional and career such as respect, upholding life and civil liberties through due process of law. Racial profiling is an ethical concern to a criminal Justice system because it is discriminative and therefore unconstitutional. It contravenes the due process of Law guaranteed under section 1of the fourteenth amendment to the US constitution (Barton, 1868, p.31). This is so because racial profiling denies the victims of the circumstances equal protection of law, which was one of the main aims for the enactment of the fourteenth amendment. Therefore the policy is null and void as per Supreme Court in City of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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