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Racial profiling against american minorities - Essay Example

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Have you ever encountered being stops by the police man because you have violated a traffic rule Maybe to others it is just a common thing to do by the policeman to stop someone who is violating the law. What if they stopped you because of your color or race and thought that you have committed something Having different color or race is not a criminal act…
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Racial profiling against american minorities
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Extract of sample "Racial profiling against american minorities"

Download file to see previous pages Racial profiling will not help the policing procedures becomes effective and the insurance practices as well. The paper will enlighten some of us who are not aware that they are committing racial discrimination against the minorities. In this paper you will be able to identify the policing procedures and insurance policies for African Americans differs from the normal citizen of USA. To understand the topic fully it is best to define terms involved in the study. At the end of the paper the reader will agree or disagree on matter involving racial profiling against African American in policing procedures and insurance policies.
Racial profiling is one of the most frequently debated topics in the U.S today. Numerous instances and issues have been brought to light especially with regards to the police making undue stops on black motorists. It is basically the practice of targeting African Americans whom they assume are more likely to be involved in criminal activity. Racial profiling happens when the police officials or a private security personnel use a person's race to judge or base a criminal activity. Discrimination which is rooted solely on an individual's colour, nationality etc destabilizes the human rights which everyone is entitled to.
The issue in recent days has spread further to focus on Middle ...
Racial profiling happens when the police officials or a private security personnel use a person's race to judge or base a criminal activity. Discrimination which is rooted solely on an individual's colour, nationality etc destabilizes the human rights which everyone is entitled to.
The issue in recent days has spread further to focus on Middle Eastern characteristics as well. What is termed as racial profiling could probably just be a matter of discretion to some. However the law enforcement officers should not be pressurised with racial profiling background so as to hinder justice and should be able to do their duty for the just and reasonable reason without fear of being attacked for racial profiling.
Racial profiling and residential segregation are the basis of collective racism in today's world. The problem has become quite severe in certain states that anti-profiling statutes had to be brought in place to ensure equality in policing procedures and discourage racial profiling. After the 9/11 incident racial profiling had become rampant with Asians and Arabs being stopped by law enforcement officers claiming to investigate terrorist activities. Most of these people have clear criminal records and have never before been charged which makes it a humiliating experience causing tension and racist feelings. One of ACLU's first priorities is the fight against racial profiling and the method of substituting the colour of the skin as grounds ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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