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Role of Intenet and social Media Networks in Mediated Prtotest - Essay Example

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Role Of Internet And Social Media Networks In Mediated Protest Internet and social media has been used for several purposes including fun, research and fast communication. Internet is to the 21st century youngsters what newspapers were for our grandparents and television sets were for our parents…
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Role of Intenet and social Media Networks in Mediated Prtotest
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Download file to see previous pages Media has always provided that energetic stimulation necessary for creating massive changes in this world from time unknown. This paper explores the role of the internet and social media in general on mediated protests. It studies about the influence they create and the real capacity of social media websites in general through various case studies and examples. Our conclusion is that media can play a persuasive role in making people feel emotional through its sensational coverage and contagious nature. But, the feelings of social media generated appraisals and internet based media protests are short lived, unless and until there are other severe problems linked with the protest. Introduction Media activism always arises from the underlying problem in the society. People who want to change some social evil or political dictatorship use media as a means to create public awareness among the fellow citizens. Media activism conceptualizes in three different layers. The core layer comprises the intellectuals like revolutionaries and journalists in whose brain the seed for the change occurs. The next outer layer surrounding this core layer consists of the affected parties directly. The third layer consists of the general public who are not directly affected by the problem, but understands the need for the change. Consider mast protest occurring in protest of child molestation or female education. The people who actually start the sensational campaign in the media against this evil will be an NGO worker or a journalist or a social worker linked closely with the media or who approaches the media directly and have the capacity to influence them to take up the issue ((Hackett & Carroll, 2005). The second layer of people is the families or the youngsters who have been affected by the fact directly. The media protesters use them as a tool to gain sympathy and create empathy. They showcase their plight as an example to others. The third a year people are the general public that get affected by sites and extend their support to the movements for justice. A normal man connected his family does not get affected directly by the problem, but feels he has the need to fight to ensure this daughter gets a chance to have a better indication than his wife or mother. Media has always been successful in garnering useful protests against several social injustices starting from colonialism to modern-day corruption. Various types of media like newspapers, television, Internet, everything is used as a means to connect these three layers together and Kindle revolution or mediated protest in full-fledge quickly ( Haulslohner, 2011). The recent protests occurring in the world over the past decade have mostly been inconvenienced by the Internet and the social media websites rather than the television over the newspapers. Be it the sensation created about the corrupt government by the WikiLeaks or Egyptian lotus revolution internet was behind these incidents. However, we have to analyse critically whether Internet do play a critical role in instigating these protests really. On the outer level it appears like internet influences our life to a massive level. But, considering various practical theories, it cannot bring about any massive changes immediately . The Resource Mobilization Theory or RMT and is how the media protesters come into action. The theory states media activists or no great intellectuals. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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