Where woman stand in society with gender discrimination - Essay Example

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All over the world, people work hard and struggle not only for their survival in the society but also, they make efforts to attain a better standard of living. From hundreds of years, women have strived hard to attain an equal status and role in the society as compare to their male counterparts…
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Where woman stand in society with gender discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages All over the world, people work hard and struggle not only for their survival in the society but also, they make efforts to attain a better standard of living. From hundreds of years, women have strived hard to attain an equal status and role in the society as compare to their male counterparts. However, women have always been considered as the “weakest” gender by the male-dominant society of yesterday and even today, women are discriminated in different ways such unequal pay, deprived of legal rights, sexual harassment at workplace as well as women are offered minimum opportunities to progress and excel in their careers as compare to men. During the wave of Enlightenment that rose in 18th century, women began to understand their competency and intelligence; they learnt new skills just like men which gave them a new dimension and an opportunity to get their presence felt in the society (Barbara Welter). Apart from their roles of traditional homemakers, women began working outside their homes as enthusiastic learners and expert professionals. Women insisted on receiving equal education, proposed their own viewpoints and even demanded an equal participation in the mainstream workforce. However, it was not easy for women to get themselves recognized by the society, nor they achieved what they dreamt overnight. Women were either given minimum rights or in some cases, they were completely deprived of their fundamental rights. For centuries, women have been oppressed by the society, especially men. Men believed that women should have a restricted role; they were supposed to remain in home, bear the children, fulfill their responsibilities as a homemaker and take care of their spouses. The thought of a woman working outside the home was considered as a taboo. Women had struggle hard to achieve their definite yet equal position in the society. Their battle with the traditional and conservative society was long and hard. However, with the passage of time until the 19th century, circumstances began to change. Government started taking keen interest to empower the women and helped them to achieve their proper legitimate role in the society as equal to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, even with the protection granted to them by the law to help prevent discrimination and biasness, women continued to struggle hard to attain education or a better status in the workplace (Barbara Welter). Women continued to struggle till the 21st century helped them to achieve an equivalent place in the society compared to men; however, despite all the efforts and legal actions, women are still suppressed by the male centric society. It was not easier for women to attain freedom when they were least considered as equal human beings by the men. It was an impossible dream for a woman to secure a job in the society dominated by men. Women continued to progress with their struggle till the time of Enlightenment, when they literally broke their traditional walls and came outside of their homes and got better jobs. During that time, men tried hard to suppress them and gave them a hard time to achieve what they always wanted. It was a common thought among all the men that women are born to please them; the idea of women working in the main job market was highly disapproved by them on the basis of that thought. Men wanted women to stay at home and please them as obedient servants. In early times, when most of the world’s societies were men centered, different philosophers expressed their work to elaborate the women’s stand in the society. In those times, philosophies investigate deep into the science and religion to define the status of women in society. One of the philosophies of that time was Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He was one of the strongest critics of women’s equality. In his book Duties of a Woman, he argues and proves from his work that it is in women’s best nature to obey the men by pleasing them. He further argues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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