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Qualitative transcript - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Date Qualitative Transcript. Name: Jane Adrian Gender: Female Age: 25 years Ethnic Ancestry: Aboriginal Date of interview: 8/11/2012 Location of the Interview: Cleaverage University Start of the interview: 9.00 a.m. End of the interview: 9.30 a.m…
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Qualitative transcript
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Qualitative transcript

Download file to see previous pages... These include social networking, status-update, and media-sharing sites. When I refer to social media during this interview, these are the types of social media that I’d like you to think about. Do you have any questions for me so far? (Examples include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or online dating sites, but it doesn’t include Moodle or course websites.) Interviewer: In what ways is social media important to you? Respondent: (smiling) Social media helps me to obtain news, information, and education from other places in the world. Interviewer: Do you feel you rely on social media in any way? If yes, in what way? Respondent: (shifting in the chair) Yes. I rely on social media for news. I am always busy with my studies. The only way I get to know whatever is happening around me is through the social media. Interviewer: On which social media sites do you use spend the most time? How come those ones? What is it about those sites that you like? Respondent: (smiling) Facebook. With this site, I can link with any person around the world since most people use it. It enables me to find my old friends. In class usage Interviewer: Do you take your laptop or any other handheld device to your classes? How come? Respondent: (looking down) Yes. It enables me to work on my assignment easily. Interviewer: For what do you use it? Respondent: (long pause) I normally use it for my research activities. Interviewer: Do you use your laptop/device for social media during class time? Respondent: (smiling sheepishly) Yes. (Long pause) Especially when am bored with the class. Interviewer: For what reasons? Respondent: (shifting in her seat) Whenever am bored, visiting a social website makes me to be cheerful. Interviewer: In general, how often do you check social media sites while in lectures or tutorials? Tell me a bit, about what drives you to check those sites during class time. Respondent: (Long pause) Once in a lecture. The key thing that drives me to check the site is whenever the lecture is boring. Once I check the site, I get the desire to continue using this site. Interviewer: Do you find it to be a distraction to you in lectures or tutorials? Respondent: Yes (long pause). Whenever I check the site, all my concentration is shifted towards the site rather than the lecture. Interviewer: If yes, in what ways is it a distraction? Please describe how it affects your ability to focus on the material. Respondent: It shifts my concentration from class work towards the social media thus making me to miss out the important points of the lecture. Interviewer: When you are in class, do you find yourself glancing at other students who are using social media sites around you? How come? Respondent: Yes. (Long pause) They tent to distract my attention while in a lecture. Interviewer: If so, how does the use of social media by other students in class affect your concentration? Respondent: (Smiling) It reduces my concentration in a tutorial. Interviewer: Some instructors ban the use of laptops and other electronic devices in lectures. How would you feel if a policy against the use of laptops/devices in class was introduced in a course you were taking? Please elaborate/explain. Respondent: (shaking her head) So bad. (Long pause) It would make me to be dosing in lectures whenever I feel bored. I would also miss out many things in the site. Interviewer: What about if it were implemented university-wide? Respondent: I would accept the change even though, it may make my life i school to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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