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Gangs' philosophy - Thesis Example

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This paper will look at reasons for gang formation, the people who are attracted to the gangs and reasons for their attraction to gangs.In recent times, gangs have become more sophisticated. They cross state boundaries to solidify their groups and recruit new members from other regions. …
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Gangs philosophy
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Becoming involved in a gang and participating in its activities develops over time. The process of joining gangs is facilitated by the individual and life path, social and familial encounters of a young individual. A number of studies show that risk factors linked with individual participation in a gang and its related activities appear prior to a young person joining a gang. For instance, young people who are the most behaviorally and socially unstable during their childhood are the most likely to become gang members and maintain their position in gangs for long (O'Deane, 2010). If there are no adequate measures to deal with gang membership and associated events, early disturbing life activities and consequent crime involvement will increase the line towards continued criminal behavior. In addition, it seems that not only joining gangs, but also long period membership to gangs is linked with increased risk of criminal behavior. Identifying a risk factor associated with young people involvement in gangs helps to establish how and where to concentrate efforts of prevention. It is evident that the more risk aspects a young person encounters, the more he or she is will become a member of a gang. Research also highlights that the existence of risk factors in many categories enhances the chances of a person engaging in gang activities. Also, it is essential to investigate gang culture, lifestyle, and cohesion. In some areas, the rise in gang crimes and violence may be attributed to drug and alcohol abuse, lack of education, rising youth population, poverty, sense of exclusion, and poor parenting skills. (O'Deane, 2010). Gangs form and survive because of young people in a number of cultures, families, or environments whose desires are not met and the gangs fill the space. A gang is also a highly efficient system of support where every gang member can corporate with one another. For the young members, gangs make available indispensable resources required to survive. Also, gangs form when people are socially discriminated against, when there is no family presence and in the absence of senior role models, and also when an individual is overpowered or powerless. In addition to this, young individuals form gangs when they lack security, when they become delinquents, when they are abused, when they feel they lack self worth, and when they fail in school (Webb, 1990). A gang is also formed to offer a means for the youth to convey their aggression and anger. Young people, mainly teenagers or slightly older individuals are attracted to gangs for several reasons. They include attention, family tradition and protection, lack of knowledge on the involved dangers, financial benefit, and peer pressure. In most instances, the youth are not persuaded against being involved in gang activities by their parents. Frequently, parents are not aware that their kids are involved in gang related events. The youth are attracted to gangs because they admire the power and respect attached to the gangs. A gang is also engaged in activities that generate large amounts of money. This attracts the youth because they want to become rich in a quick way (Hagedorn, 2008). Moreover, gangs provide protection for members. Young people join gangs so that they can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gangs' Philosophy Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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