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Did Churchill's wartime coalition goverment 'create' the welfare state - Essay Example

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Did Churchill's wartime coalition government 'create' the welfare state? Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Did Churchill's wartime coalition government 'create' the welfare state? Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is one of the most prosperous and famous conservative politicians in the United Kingdom…
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Did Churchills wartime coalition goverment create the welfare state
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Extract of sample "Did Churchill's wartime coalition goverment 'create' the welfare state"

Download file to see previous pages Due to misjudgments and colossal understanding, Churchill was confident to call the election since he believed British people probably would back the greatest hero of the hour. The voters wanted an end to the wartime austerity and economic depression, which was an opposite of what William Beverigde promised before war. Securing 47% of the votes, the labour party garnered 393 seats in the House of Commons, which saw a switch in place with the new prime minister, being Clement Atlee, the former deputy to Churchill. Although Churchill was not happy with the win to the point that he described Attlee as, “sheep in sheep’s clothing,” several questions arose during Attlee regime (Addison 1977, pp. 20). This is because of high restriction on food and other basic commodities experienced later in Attlee regime, compared to Churchill’s leadership during the war. In as much as the people wanted a change, various looming factors replaced the change such as accelerated social and economic differences and class inequalities. This left people with the main question, whether Churchill’s wartime coalition government created the welfare state. A welfare state is a state that assumes health and social security responsibility for its citizens. Various debates arise due to the creation of the welfare state mainly realized by Attlee labour party regime. Liberal historians believe the welfare state originated from past centuries from 1906 to 1914 before the First World War. Consequently, they insist the labour party only implemented the laid down strategies (Jefferys 1991, pp. 49). From this perspective, the labour state was an implementation of a blue print formulated by people in the old generation. However, there are various historians who also believe the welfare state got formulated during Churchill’s regime of the Second World War. This was the years when Churchill’s coalition government played an effective and active role in transforming the lives of British citizens. From this perspective, the labour party only built on the footsteps laid by the coalition Government. Whether it is the liberals, war cabinet or the labour government of 1945 to 1951, the paper focuses on establishing if Churchill’s coalition played a role in culminating the welfare state. The Beveridge report of 1942, which contributed to the achievement of the welfare state, was produced during Churchill’s regime. This links the formation of the welfare regime to Churchill’s coalition government. With increasing problems during wartime, the coalition government headed by Churchill appointed Sir William Beveridge to assess and write a report on the best and effective way of helping people with low income. The result of the research carried out by Beveridge was a report produced in 1942. In the report, Beveridge identified five main key problems, which acted as basic roots of society failure. Terming them as five giant evils, Beveridge mentioned them as, poverty, diseases, poor housing, idleness (unemployment) as well as ignorance (lack of education) (Addison 1977, pp. 36). In addition, the report proposed working people despite the level should pay weekly contribution to a common social institution, which would then distribute it back to sick people, unemployed, widowed as well as retired. In his argument, the system would provide a standard of living beyond which one would not suffer from common life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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