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The paper "The Involvement of Government in Housing Policy" states that emergence of improved changing patterns of houses, focusing on quality, application of new trends and increase in the number of houses has been the pivotal aim of the policy adopted by both Conservation and labour Party…
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The Involvement of Government in Housing Policy
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Download file to see previous pages By the end of the century, there was massive development of the country from rural to urban society. From the period of 1945, there was a substantial overhaul of residential dwellings. This influenced the government of the UK to look after the price, ownership and quality of the residential market. After 1945, the dependence on local authorities has been increased by both conservative and labour government. 5 million households and more are accommodated with the help of social housing. After World War II, the instruments and priorities of housing policy have seen a drastic change. This essay will effectively discuss various ideas of Housing Policy in the UK that underpinned from 1945 to 1979.
One billion people are still living in an undesirable condition and lack shelter due to poverty. The majority of people who are lacking in shelter are from developed countries. This resembles the necessity of effective housing policies to provide adequate shelter. After World War II, the economic condition of the United Kingdom was totally shattered. During the year 1945, wartime union government was exhausted after the withdrawal of labour party. This eventually forced into the general election. The attitude of people has seen drastic changes. Government intervention has been increased. The adverse impact of war created a need for house. A massive number of houses has been destroyed through bombing. Under these circumstances, it required a huge overhaul on housing policy in the UK. After 1945, the advancement of public housing was due to the commitment of the government. Housing policy before 1945 has been stepping stone for the emergence of future housing policies. In the 19th century, sanitation policies have been implemented. Social disintegration and an increase in the rate of widespread disease have been the pivotal factor for the application of sanitation policies. In the 20th century, the sanitation policies have been a key influence for the occurrence of first housing policies. Since the year 1871, the local government structure was extra or fewer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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