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Relationships between humanity and the environment - Essay Example

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Human beings have overlooked their place and relationship with the natural environment. There is a hidden and subtle relationship between humanity and the environment. About millennia ago, and some centuries after that, humanity has learned to survive through the harsh natural environments while depending on its abundant resources to survive and grow…
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Relationships between humanity and the environment
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Historically, the problems in human patterns of consumption were more apparent during the age of human modernization and industrialization. As human technological development started to improve, so did the rate of consumption by human beings on the environment. As human populations started to grow by the thousands and millions per day, the increasing demand for human wants and needs are multiplied exponentially. This is manifested through different negative effects to the natural environment. As human populations grew, so did the necessity to expand for shelter become more apparent. Towns would expand to become cities, and cities would become sprawling metropolis. The materials needed to pursue this task would require so many natural resources to get this done. Many trees would require being lumbered or cut down to construct buildings, houses and fixtures for shelter and commercial use. At the same time, many natural wilderness areas would have to be cleared out to provide land for human shelter and consumption. Modern day human patterns of consumption have recently garnered a concerned attention not only from environmental movements and organizations, but also from business corporations, social-civic groups and even government agencies. As more and more of the human population continue to expand, the natural environment grows smaller and scarcer. This leads to the thesis statement that increased patterns of human consumption is directly responsible for different kinds of environmental problems. Among these many environmental anomalies, the issue of global warming is the most critical of them all. The issue presented in this paper will be the focus on the relationship and the relevance of human patterns and quantities of consumption towards environmental issues. The research of this paper explores the role of human activities and satisfying their needs. At the same time, the research subject gives a perspective on the developing ideas of environmental ethics as current environmental conditions have made people re-evaluate the value of nature towards human needs. Another aspect that can be taken into important consideration is the role of and relationship of various human cultures with regards to the value of nature and its resources. Once a distant problem overlooked by most of the world’s population, the different chains of environmental crisis has now become a matter of concern recognized by many various societies around the globe. Ropke (2005) observed that during the 1970s the contributions on consumption in an environmental perspective were few and isolated, but, at least, some more practical and specific research emerged (p.2). As time went by, and environmental problems ensued, people could no longer just give a blind eye. As Emerald (2004) said “the effects of all of this are that individuals are caught in a cycle of acquisition, leading to the creation and maintenance of a false - self, and a continuance of economic policies that further depletion of our natural resources and the spread of pollution, and ultimately, an erosion of our spiritual connections with nature” (p.22). It has come to the attention of many environmentalist groups that many of the natural disasters occurring this age could have been avoided if it were not for the unrestrained nature of human patterns of consumption. Human consumption has many factors that are to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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