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An ethnographic analysis of a Mexican American Family - Case Study Example

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Name Instructor Task Date An ethnographic analysis (case study) of a Mexican American Family Introduction This is an ethnographic analysis of a Mexican American family staying in America. The family consists of parents and three kids who live cordially and spend free time together…
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An ethnographic analysis of a Mexican American Family
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Download file to see previous pages I will discuss on life cycle rituals baptisms, the quinceanera, weddings, funerals, gender roles, background of the family and their culture. The subtopics will specifically handle the following aspects; citizenship, voting, employment, celebration of paramount holidays like mother’s day and types of dressing. Consequently, in the interview, I managed to gather information concerning the cultural life the individuals practice according their beliefs and customs. Life Cycle Rituals Baptisms The life cycle rituals practiced in Mexican social practices include birth, and baptism. Most padrinos chosen were close family members, friends of the couples that are about to wed. The parents selected two married couples to be the padrino of their first born child because of the experience they had in life. They assisted in paying for the baptism event by raising money, and were acknowledged at the end of the ceremony. The amount of money they offered ranged from as little as 25 dollar to thousands of dollars. According to the family, they were free to choose as many padrinos as they wanted depending on the ceremony. The padrinos acted as guiding angels for the baptized child; hence, edifying him/her on paramount way of living a good life (Williams, 44). The event was held in a local Christian church around the family’s residence. ...
They were happy to participate and be involved on such grateful event since it promoted unity and harmony to residents living in the town. The family perceives that Mexcan-American baptism ceremony signified new religious life of the baptized as a member of a community of Catholics. The ceremony began on a Sunday afternoon in a nearby Catholic Church but is allowed to choose a different house of worship and officiating priest of the ceremony (Williams, 44). The person given the opportunity to hold the child was the godmother during the event. She did this as the priest conducted the services by narrating a series of prayers and blessings to the baby and parents. The child was anointed to signify the beginning of a new journey and task a waiting ahead with holy water. The economic circumstance of the family was above average; hence, the amount of food available for visitors and attendants was enough for all individuals that came for the event. Most food that was served was traditional, and people liked it since it makes them remember their traditional life and cultures. The religious significant of the event is that it initiates a new life to the child, and he/she is united with the family spiritual world and to the physical world. The party was awesome, and everyone enjoyed the food, music and entertainment presented during the ceremony. Quinceanera Quinceanera is a cultural ceremony that is used to commemorate the fifteenth birthday of a Mexican-American girl child. It is related to the popular ‘sweet sixteen party’ or the cotillion which American children celebrate when attaining the age. The cultural practice is common to all the Mexican Americans despite the wealth and class of the family. Consequently, it is celebrated in the lower class level and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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