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Sociology research methods - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Research Methods Introduction The complete and relevant study of sociology deserves relevant research methods. This paper offers plausible topics of research in Sociology basing on scholarship that provides insight to my research…
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Sociology research methods
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, a descriptive chart is evident in the final bit of the paper. Literature Review According to Gunhild, & Solheim (40), currently, there is an alarming miss-representation of women in leadership positions. Only 20% of women fall in the above category of leadership in most organizations across the globe. The 7% of women who are in such positions is not an adequate representation considering the need for equality in the current world. Further research indicates that most stereotypes insist on the need for extra training for women in such positions. Consequently, the propagators of such ideologies believe that women suffer from an inadequacy in the required managerial skills. The concept of emotional intelligence facilitates the increased competence of feminine leadership. It is evident that most successful organizations realize the extent of emotional intelligence in women. These organizations employ women in managerial positions and in turn reap great profits throughout their quotas. In addition, the significant differences in the above intelligence of the different genders encourage the undertaking of this particular result. According to Davidson (67), the different leadership positions, which the postmodern women employ, are unique. The higher emotional intelligence, which these women are, endowed with make them exemplary leaders. Consequently, there is an interactive variety of leadership, which women in such positions seem to master. Women who practice their emotional intelligence at work get more positive results and consequent increases in their profit levels of their respective associations. In addition, there is a current emergence of different networks, which enable women to improve on their organizational operations. Women leadership establishes detailed transformational modes of leading their staff. Consequently, this mode of leadership informs their superior emotional intelligence, which makes them the better leader in a comparison of the genders. Method In this study, such qualitative methods as Archival Research, Interviews, and Field Observation of research were most useful. In particular, the archival research procedure included researching on the secondary data available to me. Examples of historical data, which were most useful to me, included newspaper clippings on the effect of women leadership in the operations of an organization. I took some time to find articles in newspapers, which focus on my research. I then cut out the relevant articles and later conducted a careful reading of the same. The relevance of these clippings was evident when I compared the diverse views of editors on the topic. Finally, it is paramount to note that there was a guaranteed availability of such secondary data as the newspapers and records in the employment bureaus (Andersen & Taylor 18). Interview My interviews focused on both the elite and non-elite women in my sample study. In particular, I only interviewed the women who have adequate exposure with the corporate field. Consequently, I established a convenient interview schedule, which functioned for the entire research period. The design of the schedule was in such a manner that I interviewed the elite women first. There are several government programs, which support the concept of women leadership. For example, the interview, which I conducted, revealed that these women mostly benefit from a particular program (Newman 45). The program aims to aid women to access their education in order to improve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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