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Discrimination and race prejudice - Essay Example

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Discrimination and Race Prejudice A Comparison of Gordimer’s Country Lovers and Morale’s The Child of Americas Name: Course: Presented to: Date: Discrimination and Race Prejudice Gordimer Nadine’s Country lovers is a narrative about a son of a white Master and a black girl in forbidden love…
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Discrimination and race prejudice
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Download file to see previous pages After learning about the child, Paulus takes actions and the child ends up dead mysteriously (Gordimer, 1989). The narrative therefore tells of the lives of two different races that are not supposed to mix, with the blacks acting as servants to the white master in working in the farms. On the other hand, Aurora Levins child of the Americas is a poem that tackles the social diversities that exist in the American society. The poem is about a girl born from Spanish parents, though she is an immigrant to America, and is at crossroads to discover her own identity in a country where she narrates to be composed of a rich breed of immigrants, as few can claim to be indigenous citizens of America. Therefore, both the poem and the narrative express rejection, discrimination along racial lines and the sufferings that the actors have to endure in these societies. The first lines in the poem Child of the Americans expresses rejection and confusion about a girl who cannot find her real identity. The lines “I am a child of the Americas…A child of many Diaspora, born into this continent at a crossroad…” (Morales, 1986) expresses a tone of rejection due to her racial background. As a descendant, the girl feels rejected as she cannot find her real roots as she is not a pure Spanish, but still has the roots of being an American. Though America is a country of descendants, the author exhibits rejection by the tone in which she tries to seek her real identity; implying the fact that all Americans are immigrants is not enough to stop racial segregation.  The lines “am not European, Europe lives in me” (Morales, 1986) could be taken to mean the first wave of immigrants believed to have moved from the European countries to America, and now seeking freedom from oppression or discrimination. By remarking that “Spanish is my flesh” the author promotes racial classes by recognizing herself with the Spanish origins, perhaps preferring being Spanish, compared to being an American. She illustrates being a mixture of several racial classes by asserting that “is not African, African lives in me” (Morales, 1986). The author takes the audience to the history of the forceful acquisition of the American tag for many Africans, taken to America during slave trade. Though these Africans have leant to live the American way and have accepted Americans their new home, their hearts are still in Africa, and they are considered by other races in America to be inferior compared to other white races. Likewise, in Country Lovers, there is a strong racial prejudice case, where one race considers themselves more superior compared to the rest, leading to subjection of the inferior race to rejection and discrimination. First, the audience is confronted with a forbidden love of a white boy and a black girl; Thebedi and Paula. The fact that this relationship is forbidden indicates the whites as represented by Paulus are superior to the blacks; they cannot consider the relationships as being acceptable to the society. In this society racial romance or love is forbidden and considered as a taboo, reflecting the extent of racism in the society. To illustrate this, Paulus told Thebedi,” each time, when they would meet again” as the two could not stomach being seen in public together, as a taboo in the society (Clugston, 45). Gender discrimination is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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