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The role of women in the Arab Revolutions - Essay Example

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The role of women in the Arab Revolutions Insert name (s) Course The role of women in the Arab Revolutions Introduction Many of the contemporary Arab societies are masculine and as a result there have been little involvement of women in politics and other aspects of social life…
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The role of women in the Arab Revolutions
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The role of women in the Arab Revolutions

Download file to see previous pages... After the revolutions in most Arab counties which show women and men united in their fight for freedom and democracy, the common perception of the Arab women in the eyes of their leaders as well as in the western media has changed. For example the idea that women were inferior to men in most of the Arab societies was done away with during the Arab revolution. The Arab spring was an epic of hope for thousands of women who hoped to achieve better lives and free themselves from the cultural inequalities that have continued to undermine women in the Arab world for many years. Prior to the Arab revolution, women in most parts of the Arab world were largely not concerned with politics. The roles of women were dictated by gender stereotypes that have been in existent for years. Consequently when the revolution began, many women in the Arab world took part in the political demonstrations as well as other revolutionary activities. Although the visibility and roles of women in the revolution varied from one region to another, they were united by their male counterparts in the fight for greater human rights and gender equality. Their positive role in the revolution served to highlight the important roles that women play in the contemporary Arab society. Generally women played a number of roles in the Arab spring without any discrimination. Some women such Tawakkol Karman, the Yemeni human rights activist led a number of demonstrations demanding more freedom and liberty for the ordinary citizens. This paper focuses on the significant roles that women played during the Arab revolution, their contributions to the Arab spring as well as highlight some of the notable women Arab women names whose contributions led to the success of the Arab spring. The role played by women during the Arab revolutions During the Arab revolutions, many women played key roles some of which were critical for the success of the revolutions that resulted in the end of many of the autocratic regimes in North Africa and the Middle Eastern regions. In places like Egypt, women abandoned their traditional roles and decided to stand side by side with men even in the face of dangers of suppression and harassment by the security forces that were defending the suppressive regimes. By actively participating in the events of the Arab revolution such as demonstrations, shouting slogans and taking to the streets, the Arab women demonstrated her strong determination for the realization of more freedom for their society. This heroic role did not only earn praise for the contemporary Arab women but it also changed the perception of women as mere housewives which has existed in the Arab world for centuries. The Arab revolutions also provided an opportunity for the Women to demonstrate that their role in the society can never be ignored. In the places like Yemen, Tunisia and Libya where women worked side by side with men during the demonstrations and popular revolt, the role of women significantly enhanced the success of the Arab revolutions as well as the consequent restoration of freedoms and rights for the ordinary citizens in most parts of the Arab world. Women were able to prove their strength and influence by voicing their concerns and opposition to oppression by dictatorial regimes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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