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The author of the research "Social Media Addiction" examined Media Addiction among the young students of John Abbott College on how they use media, the frequency of use, their habits and feelings on today's media.  The study used a survey design to explore the students’ attitudes and opinions…
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Social Media Addiction
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Download file to see previous pages It is clear that social media addiction was diagnosed as a major influence on children around the world. The research estimated that eighty percent of children get addicted to social media and video games every year. Addiction refers to the physical or psychological dependence on a substance, or in this case the dependence on media. Block argues that the most affected group of children is teenagers. Research has been conducted to determine what makes some media networks more addictive than others and to determine if there is a correlation to children's attention. Studies have revealed that there are some types of media like Facebook that are more addictive than others, and that these addictions have a direct correlation to children’s attention span. The literature review presents studies related to the research topic to generate the knowledge gap and areas that need more research. The literature review aims at providing more information on what has already been done based on social media addiction. The contemporary digital period has brought unexpected developments in the knowledge that has distorted the way lots of people retrieve and make use of information. The dependable technical developments that assist attach the world can be viewed as either valuable or disadvantageous to human relations. The process of changing human communal communication, and the way the mind comprehends information is being conducted, by the World Wide Web. As a result, scholars plunge into the probable of social media addiction, and the social media effect on other individual action changes. Due to reviewing fundamental demographics, all along with emotional, and behavioral effects, researchers stay behind shabby on whether social media addiction does exist. However, they are in agreement, that the new social media period does pressure the expansion of the human being brain. A survey conducted in 2009, revealed that young people spend more of their time watching TV, sending text messages, playing video games or making social media interactions. Social video games are addictive just like gambling or alcoholism. The main aim is to look at how media is disrupting the child works, life family relations among others. It was found that there is a link between watching television or video game playing and concentration problems in less than 1,300 brood aged eight to eleven years old, based on evaluation by teachers. The research revealed that children who watched TV for more than two hours had problems in their attention span. Evidence from the research conducted on social media and video game addiction indicates that not all video games are equal and that some TV is not associated with increased concentration problems.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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kianagerlach added comment 1 year ago
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Cool that it analyzes real research data. I used the data for a project with a broader topic. I write about using social media by not only youngsters who have grown up with a smartphone in their hands, but also about growing popularity of social media among older generations. If a couple of years ago our moms and dads reprimanded us for chatting while sitting at the dinner table, then today they are doing the same! But nobody writes about it, most of the researches on suchlike topics are focused on the social media addiction among teenagers. But it’s natural! It the same thing as, for example, baseball-playing addiction among students in 80s. It’s what we do; it’s how culture works.
nrodriguez added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
Sometimes it’s hard to get the right focus of this paper. Is it about addiction among college students or teenagers? On the one hand, the author discusses studies about  John Abbott College, college students, on the other, there are multiple statements according to which the most affected ones by the social media addiction are teenagers.
wildermanbridge added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
It’s great that the paper is driven by the case study, so the information provided in it is really valuable and not just another empty talk around the topic. Sick of it I agree that it’s annoying to write about issues that everybody around thinks that they are experts in it. Ask my grandma about computer or social media, and she will passionately tell you that it is pure evil! Children don't go out anymore! Terrible Horror! But the only thing that restrains her from using facebook instead of going out with friends is that she doesn’t know how to use iPhone.
aiden34 added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
Thank you for sharing your paper. It’s really helpful for those who struggle beginning an essay on social media addiction. This is a kind of topic that everyone is talking about, and that is why it is hard to say something new about it. On the other hand, everything that is said about media addiction is more like some intuitive speculations and not the points based on real researches. The whole discussion around such popular topics like online vs real education, euthanasia, tolerance and this one always brings a lot of confusion!

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