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Justice and Freedom - Essay Example

The excerpt stresses the importance of written down laws in creating a sense of justice in a system. Indeed, it presents a clear case that written down laws is a better instrument for dispensing justice and creating a form of social parity between the rich and the poor. Without doubt, the fundamental concern in this regard in the fact that through a proper system, justice and equality exists better in the system. The essence of this assertion relates to the aspect that rich people will normally have a greater say in the society than poor people. It therefore creates a sense of disparity since most benefits will normally find their way toward those with greater influence. The poor in this regard, are held hostages on the mere premise that they cannot exert much influence as a consequence of their penury. Written laws present an opportunity for everybody to have a benchmark for participation. The poor will therefore have the audacity to reciprocate or revenge in the same manner in which they are treated. As such, the beauty of written laws lies in this fundamental concern. The extract also presents a clear account on the concept of freedom. It is indeed realized that freedom is the liberty one has to follow their thinking and act in respect of what they deem to be appropriate as long as it does not infringe on other people. For instance, anybody with good advice to share with the rest can have the opportunity to do so without reprimand or question. In the same manner, freedom enables one

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However, many scholars define freedom as the exercise of ones whishes and actions without restriction. In this definition, culture influences the manner in which people exercise their freedom by forming general rules and directions whether consciously or unconsciously through which external pressures exert control.
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Reflective Log- Power, freedom, justice: explorations in political subjectivity
She is adamant that the political leaders are vesting power in few individuals who do not incorporate the interests of the masses. She asserts that an individual is autonomous when he is not subject to directives of a superior authority. The political dominion is significant since it is the realm of authority hence it can regulate the freedoms of various individuals and organizations through legislative forums (Berkowitz Keenan & Katz 2009).
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Freedom involves moral reasoning which includes instances such as killing one person and saving five lives or wait and see the five die even though you had earlier known that the five would die. In the utility principles, man should always do what will elude huge amounts of happiness and avoid what will prevent one from achieving probable happiness.
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The contemporary world is characterized by unequal distribution of wealth, resources, and power. With regard to the American society today, it is clear that there are capitalistic elements present in the society. Karl Marx in the nineteenth century addressed the theme of capitalism, which results in denial of justice to some class of people in the society.
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Is there a connection between human freedom and modern physics
so bored and difficult, through the search and the knowledge for the unknown and unsolved space science and mysteries as well as the mystic Dancing with Maya. People and society behave in non-predictable ways. Last three thousand years of human development indicate that
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Social justice
In the 1970’s a number of theories on social justice were advanced but the works of two philosophers stood out and became the focal point of discussions among academics, economists, and government bureaucrats. John Rawls advanced his arguments in his work “A theory of Justice”.
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Freedom and Justice
Furthermore, the theme of higher education will be discussed by looking at how elites maintain supremacy through higher education. Using conflict theory, we will ask, how
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It is the duty of every individual to walk on the lines of justice, but the fact that such a state is never achievable calls for the creation of special institutions to impart justice. Often
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John Winthrop did not portray his determination to fight for freedom through governing alone; remarkably, unlike Anne Hutchinson and Nathaniel Bacon, he also wrote many journals and other works as a
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American History - The the continent of America is a new beginning for a better life of justice, liberty and freedom
Where the freedom is given to individual to follow their religion and follow the lifestyle they want. These years are also referred as the revolutionary years of American history. The aim was to provide equality in
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
to stay quiet if they feel they should. In this regard, freedom goes together with equality and creates a society where disparity is absent and true sense of democracy exists. Another sign of the democratic sense relates to the aspect of people being the complete rulers of the land. When governance is entrusted into the hands of the masses, a feeling of generational continuity is enhanced. In this case, much regard is bestowed upon the posterity and the future generation becomes the center stage of the present preoccupation. Whatever in handed down upon the next generation has to be something worthwhile. In a way, true democracy calls for much regard of the state of tomorrow. The future generation, it is believed, might question the core preoccupation of their antecedents if we fail to take charge of their fate. Tyrants are always wary of the younger generations. Since they hold much regard for the status quo and wish to stay in power as long as possible, they always try to silence the younger people as much as possible. Well, that is certainly a sign of the lacuna created by the lack of democracy. The existence of democracy bestows much regard for the young people. Such people have the ability to institute change due to their often sharp mindsets and social dynamism. As such, any democratic system should have the very fundamentals that puts much focus and concern for the needs of the future generation and holds the future much more important than the present. Sure enough, the future should always be regarded much more importantly than the present so that progress is realized. The rule of the masses is however a very critical aspect that should be addressed keenly. Too much power in the hands of the masses is never an appropriate way of governance. Challenges often arise in the face of too much liberty in existence. For stability to be realized in the system, proper regard must be taken for the daily efforts of the masses. When people work hard and strive on their daily preoccupation, it is imperative that they realize the fruits of their labor. When parents work hard to amass wealth for their children and for their future consumption, they should have the opportunity to realize such demands. In an authoritarian system, the efforts of the masses are always never regarded and the acquisition of wealth can occur through force and brutality on the people. This totally negates the true sense of brutality. Much of these assertions are very relevant and timely as guidance to the process of governance and leadership in this century. A lot of these ideas on freedom, liberty and equal opportunity can greatly improve the state of life in a country if applied in a proper manner. However, inasmuch as democracy has to be stressed and people be given the opportunity to voice out their thoughts and grievances, it is important to realize that order is a very important component in this regard. Too much freedom on what people say can often be detrimental to a country in many respects. Therefore measures should be put into place to create a sense of order inasmuch as democracy is enhanced. The language in the extract presents an opportunity for many people to comprehend the true sense of proper governance as advanced by the author. Therefore the document is very relevant and appropriate for use as a model for proper governance across the world. Works Cited "John Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity." Academic American History. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Apr. 2012. .


Name: University Course: Instructor: Date: The excerpt stresses the importance of written down laws in creating a sense of justice in a system. Indeed, it presents a clear case that written down laws is a better instrument for dispensing justice and creating a form of social parity between the rich and the poor…
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Justice and Freedom
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