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The British Society: What Remains of the Social Class - Essay Example

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This paper talks that since the coming of innovations in the complexities of the world, social class in Great Britain had undergone eventful changes even until today. The modernization of societies globally by virtue of industrialization brought multitude of impacts that changed the face of modern Britain today. …
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The British Society: What Remains of the Social Class
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Extract of sample "The British Society: What Remains of the Social Class"

Download file to see previous pages Social division according to Payne are those substantial differences between people that run throughout the society that has two categories, each of which has distinctive material and cultural features. In other words, one category is better positioned than the other and has a better share of resources because it has greater power over the way the society is organised. This explains why the better positioned members of the society have better privileges in terms of social freedom. The differing identity and categories affects how people conduct social interactions with other people of different class (Payne 2006, p. 6). There are three major social divisions: class, gender and ethnicity. However class is most commonly used when people talk about differentiation in the society. Furthermore, to better understand social class, Barrow (2012) cited that sociologists often define social class as the grouping of people by category of occupations. Common examples are doctors, lawyers and professors that are given more status than labourers of the lower status such as factory workers. The different positions represent different levels of power, influence and money. According to history during the early years of Britain a person’s class status would affect a person’s chances of getting an education, a job, and even social privilege such as the type of people whom a person could socialise with and marry. The presence of social class then stereotypes a person according to the class he was fortunately born into. It is said to be fortunate if a person is born to the class of upper hierarchy for it will definitely assure the person of good chances on education, job, social roles and a good living in totality. On the contrary once...
This paper stresses that the British society has often been considered to be divided into three main groups of classes: the upper, the middle and the lower classes. The upper class members of the social class are often people with inherited wealth since it is said that people during then are born to their respective class so upper class members are people of the same lineage, with many of them being titled aristocrats.
This report makes a conclusion that the social reform has travelled an eventual way before its actual realization. Over the years people have come to realize the value of equality and social justice. Although classification will never out of the societal regime what is important is that people have learned to grow out of the unjust side of social class and are now mere words to define groupings that can be under so many classification and not to define a person’s whole life and being. People now have the greatest capability of manipulating and changing their lives accordingly to what is opted and never on the dictates of the society anymore. Some articles argue that Great Britain still resides in the social class but some articles points out that the social class was never really out of the societal scene for it evolves with industrialization. The concepts of social class have softened over the years. The British society no longer suffers directly from the social classification. Nowadays social class merely defines a person’s current status and can change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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