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Case Study: Global Village Name: MeaShelle Driskell My Global Village question: How does the caste system’s basis vary across Asia to create global stratification? The answer to my Global Village question: Caste has been one of the strongest basis for social stratification around the globe…
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Castle system
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"Castle system"

For one thing, caste based societies are closed in their social structures. Various social strata are not allowed to mix up with each other such as through marriage. Secondly all caste based societies rely on hereditary inheritance of caste from one generation to the next. Therefore, one person born in a certain caste will transfer his caste based rights onto his children and so on and so forth. Thirdly, caste based societies are generally unjust and biased against the lower castes that are seen as moronic and open to manipulation. Fourthly, caste based societies have a tendency to serve injustice to the lower castes present in society. Given these common characteristics, the next thing to ponder is how caste based classifications are arrived at around the world. Though caste based societies exist around the world and share common characteristics but the caste structure is more or less unique from one society to the next. The reasons behind the classification into various castes is an aspect worth researching and finding out more about by looking at various caste based structures around the world. One of the more famous caste systems around the world comes from India where castes are demarcated on the basis of profession. Interestingly all other people are seen as casteless and are thus considered outcasts such that they are ostracized from regular society. At the top of the pyramid lie the Brahmins who serve as priests followed by the Kshatriyas who serve as the warriors. These are followed by the Vaishyas who are traders who are in turn followed by the Shudras who are simple workmen. Any other people in society are seen as relegated from the caste structure and are ostracized from regular society to ghettos around the regular settlements (Dirks, 2001). The origins of this caste system date back to antiquity with records of this caste system coming from as back as 1400 years (Lariviere, 2002). Nepal has a similar caste system in practice as that used in India. Pakistan that also neighbors India has a similar caste system that has additional classifications based on religion, sects, ethnic and certain tribal lines. Within the wider South East Asian domain, the caste system of Bali resembles that of India to a very large extent as they were arranged on professional lines too. In contrast to these, the caste systems in use in East Asia were markedly different. The caste system in China tended to vary over time with different classifications being prevalent with each new ruling dynasty. Classification levels differed from only two to multiple classifications based on a host of factors. The concept of untouchables was prevalent in China as well with certain classes being ostracized and demarcated for the lowest functions in society. The Chinese caste system continued well into the twentieth century (Watson, 2010) and most segregation occurred on racial and ethnic lines. Tibet had a caste system similar to that of China in terms of classification except the fact that the lowest classes were not considered untouchables. These serf classes had some limited freedom and mobility resulting from such freedom. In contrast to these caste systems, the Japanese had a far more rigid caste system that was composed of four distinct levels. The top most level belonged to the Samurai followed by the peasants, craftsmen and finally the merchants. The Japanese caste structure had deeply rooted historical roots along with Read More
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