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Hindu caste system - Essay Example

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The structure of the Hindu Caste was established by the British in the course of colonization. This means that the British imposed systems upon the Indians. These systems would then be carried…
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Hindu caste system
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"Hindu caste system"

Download file to see previous pages I am also of the opinion that the Hindu caste system involves the high caste and low caste, just as the systems were given to them by the British (24). The high caste involves persons of the rich and wealthy class while the low caste involves persons of the low class level.
On another note, the Hindu caste structure was designed by the British in a way that would categorize the dark and light skinned persons. This correlates with the way the British system also categorizes people. For the case of India, it is interesting to note how some of the members are termed Black Indians while others are termed White.
Conclusively, it is these comparisons that lead to my justification that the Hindu Caste system as a system that has been imposed on the Indians, the same way life and its challenges are imposed on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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