The social impact of drinking alcohol on London nightlife - Research Paper Example

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This write up is an analytical paper focusing on the effects of drinking and the factors that influence the behavior of an individual when drunk. The use of alcohol is not completely harmful to the social wellbeing in the society…
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The social impact of drinking alcohol on London nightlife
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that sociology, as field of study, is concerned with different aspects that relate to the human social behavior. The field goes beyond examining social issues to analysis of the economic, political, and religious activities that collectively affect an individual human behavior, groups and societies. Issues related to the family, the community, and the public are of significance to a sociologist. One of the important areas of sociology is alcoholism and drug abuse in the society, as it affects the human behavior as well as other human activities related to behavior in a number of ways. Responsible use of alcohol is, according to some researches, healthier than complete abstinence or excessive drinking. However, excessive or binge alcohol drinking has a number of negative social impacts as well as medical/health impacts on users. In its immediate effect, alcohol makes an individual slow in reaction, poorer in decision-making process, and unable to perform certain tasks accurately. Excessive alcoholism is related to a number of social issues like crimes, violence, sexual or physical abuse, and rape. The law-enforcers spend much resource in handling alcohol-related crimes. The effects impacts of alcohol drinking can be more pronounced in the UK now that the country has less regulation in the use of alcohol as compared to most countries in the world like the US. US had realized the negative impacts of alcoholism and strict policies have been developed that ensure reduced alcohol consumption. (Chaloupka & Wechsler, 1996). On the other hand, the UK has trash culture that happens to institutionalize and formalize alcoholism in the country (Crabtree, 2006). The country has the most developed pub culture and the pubs become the major centers for socialization. The pubs are the meeting place for all social groups and drinking strong beer is the culture in these pubs (Crabtree, 2006). The average cost of alcohol in the country has reduced to half the prices that were witnessed in the 1970s while the per capita consumption of alcohol has doubled over the level of consumption recorded in the 1950s. This implies that there is significant increase in the negative social impacts of binge drinking. Various social events like sports activities in the large cities are often held at nights providing the opportunities for different deviant behaviors in the drug users. The social impacts are also likely to be more pronounced at night, where alcohol can be mediated by other factors to lead to more deviant human behaviors. Given the situation in the UK, it would be interesting to examine the effects of excessive drinking in some of the big cities in UK. Literature Review Different literatures are available that focus on the effects of drinking and the factors that influence the behavior of an individual when drunk. The use of alcohol is not completely harmful to the social wellbeing in the society. Responsible drinking may be healthy way of living since researches have indicated that individuals that take the recommended amount of alcohol are likely to live longer than excessive drinkers and those who decide to abstain completely from drinking (Crabtree, 2006). Drinking wines in a disciplined manner has potential benefits to the health of an individual. Nonetheless, excessive drinking will drastically reverse these benefits. Crabtree (2007) asserts that light drinking has medical benefits to the users but notes that majority of individuals are involved in binge drinking. In the UK, this scenario could be attributed to the free environment that has been created for the heavy drinkers. It appears that heavy drinking has been institutionalized in the UK with the practice traversing across various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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