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Personal Development Plan - Essay Example

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Personal Development Plan Author March 1, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Your Strategic Rationale, Masters Objectivity and Self Analysis 3 Strategic Analysis of your Masters Abilities 4 Communications and Assessment One 5 Working in Teams 5 Developing your Academic and Scholarship Abilities 6 Masters Learning Personal Reflections 6 I…
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Personal Development Plan
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Download file to see previous pages I have the mind of a businesswoman. This is probably the single, strongest reason why I was determined to pursue a degree in Business Management. My quantitative skills, particularly in Mathematics and Economics, have always been evident since my secondary years. I have a knack for business analysis, a number-cruncher so to speak. One of my strengths is that I can keep up with numbers, analyze them and interpret them into useful data. For me, this is one of the best traits any business person could have. However, due to personal considerations, I took up Bachelor’s Degree Majoring in Early Childhood Education from Umm Al-qura University in my home country of Saudi Arabia. For four years, I focused on building a solid background for a potential career in the Academe – something which I was also able to learn to enjoy. The experience was also remarkable, because in the process, I was able to develop my inter-personal skills due to interfacing with my professors, classmates and peers, and during my practicum, with students. This phase has made me for flexible in terms of establishing relations with various types of people. The enhancements were more of on a personal level. There was much fulfillment in the process. When I graduated from this course, I felt that there was so much to share to my future students. I was optimistic that I could build a career as a teacher. Later on, my family decided to move on to Europe, again, due to personal considerations. There was not much chance to put my bachelor’s degree into practice and that previous life-long interest in business management became evident again. In my mind, I had this vision to merge my interest with the bachelor’s degree which I have already taken in KSA. I wanted to be able to build a school in my hometown – a project which entails good business management skills, as I would not only be the educator, but the administrator and manager of the business as a whole. So it follows that I should seek further studies for me to be equipped as a business manager. Having gone through this decision making process, I decided to enroll at the University of the Wolverhampton Business School for a Masters Degree in Business Management. II. Strategic Analysis of your Masters Abilities Getting into a Masters Degree program entails a different set of skills and abilities. It requires a great deal of independence and self reliance, with the ability to perform self study more than being reliant on other people, the educators or classmates (Studying at Masters Level 2012). At an academic level, there are three major areas that a Masters Student needs to develop: (1) basic principles of producing academic work (researching and writing); (2) skills for study; and (3) critical thinking and reflection (Step up to Masters 2012). Furthermore, compared to getting an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, the effort to level up must be there. In the online article You’ll Need Different Study Skills for Graduate School vs. College, it emphasized on several differences between the two: breadth vs. depth; memorization vs. analysis; reporting vs. analyzing and arguing; reading it all vs. copious skimming and selective reading (You’ll Need Different Study Skills for Graduate School vs. College 2012). Taking an undergraduate course is not a walk in the park, but obtaining a Masters Degree takes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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