Societal impact on the health of the Indigenous Australian - Essay Example

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The purpose of this research paper will be to not only examine many of the leading causes of natural death and why the Australian indigenous tribe seem to be so very susceptible, but also many of the social issues that help exacerbate these health issues. …
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Societal impact on the health of the Indigenous Australian
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that babies that were carried to term by the women of the indigenous Aborigines are far more likely to die than those born to the non-indigenous population of Australia. This stark, bitter fact is but an underlying concern for the indigenous population of Australia. The larger investigation has centered on why the women of indigenous descent are prone to giving birth to weaker, smaller babies. Over the course of several years many studies have been exclusively devoted to finding the exact cause to the continued reduction in babies. In many cases of indigenous baby death it was theorized that the mothers own ill health contributed to the child’s poor health. While that is a verifiable fact the story does not end there. The remaining facts regarding births are grounded heavily in a sociological foundation. Indigenous women have been found to have more children at a younger age than any of their counterparts. This statistic is a solid indication that low education, lack of good living conditions, or prevailing cultural stigmas regarding marriage plays a direct role in child birth. Early child birth plays a direct role in declining health among the mothers and infants of the indigenous tribes. Another very possible contribution to the low successful birth rates is the very small weight that the indigenous babies have on average when compared with infants born to non-indigenous parents. This initial set back, combined with the overall living conditions that many Australians face is simply too much for many indigenous infants. The fact that the low birth rate is only a starting point in the decimation of the Indigenous Aborigines of Australia is a symptom of the poor health that a typical majority of the native population suffers with. Many of the percentages of aborigines with common maladies are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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